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You have many energy centers, or chakras, in your body. The main ones align with your spine, from at the base of the spine and to the crown of the head following the colors of the rainbow.

Red represents the energy first chakra, at the base of the spine.
Orange is in the sacral area, just below the navel.
Yellow is in the solar plexus.
Green is at the heart.
Blue is at the throat.
Indigo is at the forehead.
Violet is at the crown of the head.

Understanding Chakras and Color Depletion

Each chakra relates to a gland, a system in your body, and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. As you go through your challenges, you deplete the colors that relate to those challenges and need to replenish them, much as your body needs to replace nutrients.

You can use color from various items such as clothing, food, items around you, and other sources to replenish the colors that you need.

Two Resources for Your Color Supplementation

It is helpful to have a good book on color healing to consult when you need to figure out what is missing in your world.

Simply Color, Second Edition, is almost sold out. I have very few copies left so if you are considering the purchase of a good book on healing, I suggest you order one soon. Once they are gone, they are gone.

Simply Color for Everyday Living does not go into detail as deeply as Simply Color, but it gives so many, many ways in which to use color to your benefit.

Created with love, presented with love, our intention is that you find things in Simply Color for Everyday Living that will support your heart and healing and thatit becomes an adventure that creates joy.

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Make Space … for More Understanding

We often find ourselves in situations that are challenging and we do not understand why, or what we are to do, or how to move through. These are the times when we might need more insight than we can find ourselves.

If you find yourself in a challenging situation and want to gain insight, wisdom, peace and relief, I invite you to have a reading with me. You can select an Akashic Records Reading, or a Shell Reading. Click here to read about them and click here to book an appointment.

Red to the Rescue

Any time you are feeling lethargic reach for the red Simply Color Spray. It will help energize you and support you throughout those days where we feel sluggish and slow!




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