: Savor Life by Being Present

Stress Free and Present

As you can see, there is at least one member of our family who has learned how to live in the moment. This crazy dog is like a limp rag once she is done for the day and in this photo she is definitely done! She has given herself completely over to the present.

Over the Christmas season we had a house full which brought me joy beyond belief. There is nothing more this mother hen loves than to gather all her chicks into the nest, spoil them, feed them and laugh with them. Even though it was a tremendous amount of work, it didn’t seem that way at all because I had given myself over to the experience. I opened to the moment, to allow for things to flow rather than become embroiled in an agenda. I felt as if, like Monet in the photo above, I could roll over and just enjoy what life had in store for us.

This is NOT my normal way of being. I generally plan, live in the future, and forget to leave behind my expectations. But I experienced my very own Christmas miracle because for once, I was entirely and completely living in the present moment. 

When my chicks left to return to their lives, I was not exhausted. I was not even that sad because I had had SUCH a good time, my heart was filled to the brim with joy and love.

There is something very transformative about living in the present moment and opening to possibility, and letting go of control and expectations. I only hope to be able to replicate this more and more often as the year progresses. Who knows? Maybe time will even begin to slow down a bit!

Color: Bubbly Orange Comes to the Rescue


I was wondering which color I would work with first in 2016. It turned out to be the very color I began working with when I first started studying Aura Soma: Orange.

I write a lot about orange. It was the one color I used to really shy away from. Over the years I have begun to make friends with it, and now I can’t get enough.

Orange brings us bliss, it brings us the feeling of belonging, it brings us healing. Orange brightens up our souls, and it fills our bodies with a vibration that is juicy and ebullient. Matter of fact, what it does in our bodies is much like what you see when you pour a glass of bubbly to celebrate the New Year, a birthday, a new job and so on. Imagine all that effervescent energy entering your systems and bringing life to every cell in your body.

I wasn’t thinking all this as I reached for my orange spray. I just reached and there it was. As always, one day is never long enough for me with orange. I have a feeling that it will be with me a long time, and as I bring other colors into my daily routine, it will be the lead character in my current transformation in my personal healing. 

Think about giving orange a chance in your own life. It can turn things around and give great support. For more personal attention, you might want to schedule a phone consultation with me for the start of the New Year. Click here for appointment availabilities.