Simply Feng Shui, complete set

I finally had all the Simply series rephotographed and they are now up on the website.  I’m so excited to introduce these to you and hope you like both the labels and the amazing sprays within!

Here is the new color set photo:

Simply Color Set, 2011

I love seeing how they like to sparkle and be noticed!

Now for the Children’s Set:

Simply Color Children's Set, 2011

This is the only set that remained untouched.  The labels remain the same as do the formulas.  In the adult color set we tweaked our white formula a bit, added coral and magenta and gold.  For the feng shui set, all labels were redone.

Would love your feedback on these changes.  Or any comments you would want to add!

Thanks for taking a look at the newly unveiled sets!!!!!  Blessings to all……