Bald Eagle during winter

What a gift I got today.  A huge eagle was sitting in a tree by the lake this morning.  We looked at each other for a very long time before he took off to fish and hunt.

Later, as I was on a business call, he came back as if touching base, just to say hi.  He did not linger but he did a fly over and took off again, in the same direction.  I’m wondering if he has found a prolific fishing hole!

Eagles are so magnificent.  They can fly very high, see very far and hear very well.  I’m wondering what his message was for me today.  No one else here saw him so he was definitely speaking his message to me.  Was it to keep watch on what is going on around me?  Was it to take the higher perspective?  Was it to soar with the eagles?

I did look up the messages Eagles are likely to be sending in two books.  One book said “You are being given potent gifts of clarity and vision to use for the good of all people.  You can bring forth light out of the darkness.”  It also said “Are you talking with your relations and praying to Great Spirit or are you placing other things ahead of them?”  (Animal Energies by Dancing Otter publishers)

Ted Andrews in his book, Animal Speak, says that the keynotes to Eagle totems are “illumination of Spirit, Healing, and Creation.”  He adds that Eagle teaches “a balance of being of the Earth but not in it.”   And, “For those with eagle totems, new vision will open.  This vision will be far reaching to the past, within the present and to the future as well.”  As a reader of the Akashic Records this resonates with me deeply and I am wondering if the eagle came to me today to tell me that my own inner and outer vision is deepening and that my connection to the Records is shifting to another level.

I think this more because a recent astrological reading from Lynda Hill revealed this to be happening as well.  So I am very touched today at how Spirit/the Universe/God speaks to us through nature confirming and supporting messages from all corners of our world.  I feel so blessed today and just wanted to share my awe at the grace we each have at our disposal when our eyes and hearts are open to receive.

Where do you see this happening in your own life?  I would love to hear!