The bird is not only cooked, it is fully eaten.  The pies baked and gone.  And the sight of rear view lights leaving our driveway is now a memory.  Yes, the Holiday I love the most is over for 2011, but we have great memories:

Two of our sons came with their wives, one with our two grandsons.  Yeah for fun!

We had just the right amount of food, and it was yummy.  Yeah for good planning!

Our son’s dog loved the apple cake he stole from the counter.  Yeah for being clever!

The weather was GREAT and everyone made it home safely.  Yeah for miracles!

Bill and I are relaxing in front of the fire watching football, this time all alone, but no demands for another meal, or towels for the dog or grandson who has gone swimming in the frigid water, or for more of anything.  We are full, both in body and in spirit, and once again pause to be grateful for this wonderful holiday celebrating gratitude!

Hope you and yours were blessed in your celebration of gratitude, however it was experienced.