“Diantha has a level of clarity, lack of judgment, and kindness that is extraordinary. She is “energetically clean” in a way that makes working with her both safe and reliable.”

– Laura Lewis Thayer

“Diantha Harris is one of my absolute favorite bringers of light into the world. I have had the privilege of knowing her for over 20 years through classes, Akashic consultations, use of her color sprays, as well as Feng Shui consultations. Diantha is pure love and light wrapped up into human form. Her wisdom often feels ancient in nature, the messages and teachings always delivered with the highest good in mind. Diantha, my trusted friend and consultant, you have my utmost respect and gratitude.”

– Dr. Kay Russell

“I particularly like akashic readings, they help me and others make important spiritual discoveries.”

– B.H.

“I first fell in love with Diantha’s work when our paths crossed during Fashion Feng Shui training. It reintroduced me to her expertise on color, it’s meaning and impact. I absolutely love her books on color, and use them are reference materials for feng shui and space clearing certification program that I teach. I adore her color cards, and use them often with various workshop participants as well as when doing readings. My yoga class loves that deck, and they meditate on the color they need during the class. Those cards are just so spot on, easy to love and gives solutions to an imbalance situation!

I was blessed to have a shell reading with Diantha this year. I was intrigued (the mermaid in me really resonated with this kind of reading). I chose the shells and Diantha interpreted what that meant was going on for me in my life, then used her superb mentor and coaching skills to have me see situations differently. I will say it has healed some hurts in my life, and I am deeply grateful to her and her wise woman ways.”

– LuAnn Cibik, Feng Shui and Space Clearing Master Teacher

“I have received great guidance and information from Diantha’s sessions. She has a way of conveying information in a loving, kind, gentle and affirming way. Her warmth exudes from her which makes the sessions feel like I am talking to a good friend who really cares. I have also used and continue to use many of her sprays for my home, office and with clients. They are truly like a breath of fresh air! They clear, energize, infuse love and feel good! I would highly recommend any of her books especially if you or someone you know loves color. Diantha’s books are easy to read, filled with information and can be used forever as a color reference. Thank you Diantha for all your gifts!”

– Ellen Epstein, Global Joy Enterprises

“Diantha offers an amazing array of healing resources and talents! She introduced and opened up the world of color and its healing properties to me. Both of her books are very informative works on color, and her first book is an essential book for anyone interested in color’s healing properties. After reading her books, my wife and I decided to purchase her full line of color sprays and love how they support us in our lives! I’ve also been fortunate to see Diantha present about color in workshops – which interestingly demonstrate color’s energy field. Finally, I’ve also received treatment from her through color and shell readings. Her work has been illuminating and healing and has taught me to work with color as a supporting resource in my life!”

– A.C.H.