Terms and Conditions for Affiliates


Affiliate must agree to the following Terms and Conditions in order to participate in the Life Potentials Affiliate Program.

Each affiliate must apply for and be accepted into the Life Potentials Affiliate Program. No monies will be sent to anyone who is not pre-approved by Life Potentials and accepted into the program.

Life Potentials makes no representations or warranties regarding potential income that may result from participation in this Affiliate Program and specifically disclaims any and all warranties relative to earning potential from the Recipient affiliate status.

Products available for the program are the Simply Color Sprays, Simply Color Children’s Sprays, Simply Feng Shui sprays, and the Simply Color For Everyday Living book. No services or classes are available for the affiliate program.

15% of each sale on the above products will be extended to our approved affiliates. Payments will occur monthly at the discretion of Life Potentials.