New Years Wish for You!


What do you hold in your mind?     


spirit and inspiration

“Your concept in the mind that things should be a certain way causes pain in the mind. The cause of distress is set concepts in the mind. The art of living is to gain this simple ability in life – just a skill: the ability to free your mind of the past, to free your mind of future fears, and to be able to play with every situation that is in front of you.” ~Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Sri Sri is saying is that whatever you hold in your mind controls your experience of life.

My wish for you this year is to rid your mind of the chatter that keeps you from fulfilling your life’s potential.

Start the new year with a clean slate while remembering the core of who you are: a brilliant, soul-seeking expression and fulfillment of the highest order. You can do this.

Make a pact to live with joy in your heart. Release your fears, your doubts and your pain, and live within the belief that you are worth the effort and time it takes to create a life in full attainment of your potential.