As childhoods go, mine was not outstanding in any way.  Other than that, I’ve always had good angels:  Angels who kept me from doing things I shouldn’t have, and angels who protected me from harm.

I had the usual problems and just the right woundings to take me into adulthood to create the challenges I would need to deal with. I’ve had plenty of those: challenges that is.  But each one has brought me closer to becoming the person I wish to be.  So in a strange way, it’s all been good.  

The longer I live, the more amazed I am at how few years we spend in childhood, and how many years we spend getting over it.  We literally spend our entire adult lives getting over it!  Isn’t that sort of weird when you think about it?

Gives new meaning to the phrase:  “Get over it!”  doesn’t it.  Well, I imagine one day after I’m long gone I will get over it, but meanwhile, I’m still learning from those early years!