Scales of Judgement No More!



I have come upon an amazing discovery lately that you have perhaps already come upon!  It has to do with judgement, that nasty thing that has followed me all the days of my life, or lives as the case may be.  I am pretty good about not judging those around me, but I beat myself up terribly.  I would never treat another person as poorly as I treat myself.

I also make judgements about disease, poverty, squalid living conditions, bad weather, laziness, and some other things that do nothing to better the world.  Ever since I was little I have not wanted people to suffer in any way, so I made judgements about those who were old, infirm, poor, diseased etc.

But what I have come to realize is, things just are.  It is judgement that makes things good or bad.  For example, there is a huge outcry right now about people who have money.  Well, having money is neither good nor bad.  Money in itself is neither good nor bad.  It is what we do with money, or how we view it that makes it good or bad.  There are plenty of people with lots of money who do not handle money with consciousness but there are also plenty who do.  Do you watch PBS?  Think of all the foundations and private donors who make that possible.  Did you go to college?  There are plenty of donors who gave money for the infrastructure, to endow scholarships and chairs, or who just contribute to their academic, arts and sports programs.

My point is, we need money to function in this third dimension we are living in.  But in and of itself, money is neutral and so is everything, yes everything, else.  It is our judgements that make things right, wrong, good, bad, safe, unsafe etc.

The worst judgement I have I reserve to beat myself up with every day.  EVERY DAY!  What a waste of energy!  I have spent 60 years, that is roughly 21,900 days, telling myself I am too fat.  Imagine that.  I could have been funneling all that energy into something that would actually build up or enhance the world around me.

Here’s the thing.  Since I turned 6 years old I have been on some diet of some kind most every day.  I am still overweight.  So diets don’t work or I would be so thin you couldn’t see me.  If I had to guess I would say I’ve gained and lost at least 1,000 pounds in my life.  Maybe more.  It’s been the focus of every day of every year of my life.

What my doctor finally said to me was so profound and something I had never even considered.  I am paraphrasing here but here is his message:  What if God made you this way for a purpose?  What if that purpose was to tamper vanity?  What if you focus instead on how healthy you are instead of what you don’t have?  What if you were thin but had a disease?  Diantha, get a grip.  You are one of the healthiest patients I have.  You have such a great life.  You eat healthfully, you feel good, you are so lucky!  Get over yourself!  ( He was not quite so straightforward but basically this is what he told me.  I was in the middle of yet another diet program and not loosing weight.  In my frustration I discovered this amazing truth:  my judgement on my weight was consuming me.  It was time to focus on my good health and all the blessings I have!)

I am saying this to you because you are my witness that from this moment, THIS MOMENT, on, I am laying down my judgement on this matter.  It has been a heavy burden to carry.  I refuse to carry it one more second.  I am releasing my judgement on this issue and then I will work on releasing any judgements I still hold about other things.

The Tao teaches us that judgements don’t serve humanity at all.  They are held in the brain.  It is when we live from our hearts that they disappear, and then things can really shift.  I am willing to move into this kind of consciousness because I want things to be better on this planet, and I am one who, in judging myself so harshly, is holding us back.

Won’t you join me in releasing judgements from your life too?  I need your support and help in this and together we can lighten our loads, and move the planet forward at the same time.


Wishing us all luck and blessings, and the final release from judgements.