Messages from Heaven #26

Messages from Heaven #27

All that was hidden is now being revealed. Blessed are those who let their light shine brightly, who did not hold back from learning the Truth, who believed and had faith. Blessed also are those who still doubt, who follow the dark forces, who disbelieve what is now being revealed for their eyes and minds and hearts and souls have been taken over by the Evil Forces that have sought to destroy all that is good on the planet.

This is a worldwide awakening, with millions opening their eyes, finally seeing the Light all around them and within them. It is a glorious awakening ordained by the Universal Light of All. Even those who are keeping themselves hidden will not escape the reach of the Light this time. The Light has won.

This does not mean that there will be no more struggle for indeed, even in its death throes the darkness fights to control the minds of those who sleep on. There will continue to be conflict but the majority have awoken, and have joined together to shine the Light everywhere.

We thank you for your participation in this, even if you did nothing more than pray, for prayer is very powerful. Words are very powerful. Thoughts are very powerful. Actions are very powerful. Not everyone is called to action, so even if you were silent but prayed or even intended for things to get better, you participated! Never forget your role in this awakening process. It is why you called yourself into existence at this time.

The resisters will wake up or they won’t. Each person has his/her own path and some also serve who resist. They also play a role. They help the awakened beings solidify their thoughts and intentions. So the resisters, those who remain sleeping, must not be vilified they way they vilify and silence the awakened ones. This is how we must treat them: with gentleness, with love, with consistent gentle urging until they are able to open their eyes. We must not judge them. Each person has his/her own timetable of when the eyes open. To force it will not work. To humiliate them will not work. To judge them will not work. That is much like trying to force a bud open before its time: you will kill the growth and essence of the plant (person) in that forceful process.

Patience, kindness, gentleness and a good sense of humor is needed.

We send blessings and joy to each of you today. May you each feel the presence of the Divine in your lives today and all days.

So be it and so it is.

Message from Diantha: my guides have told me that the messages may or may not continue depending on what happens from here on out. They feel they have guided us through the worst of the darkness and now the time has come for each of us to follow our own path. If we don’t hear from them again, I would like to thank all the Guides for being with us and sharing their wisdom and guidance. If we do hear from them again, I will definitely send the message out.

In the meantime, should you need or desire to connect with them, we can always reach them through the Akashic Record Readings. And you can always access them through your own meditations.

God bless each and every one of you.

Messages from Heaven #20

Messages from Heaven #20

Greetings to all!

We are so excited to speak to you all today. The world is lightening up quickly and many many more of you have awakened since our last transmission, turning towards the Light, embodying the Light, working for the Light.

Our work behind the scenes has been intense but for you it has been almost unbearable. Thankfully, that is shifting as the world’s energy is shifting upwards thanks to your commitment to the upliftment of the collective consciousness. We can liken this process to trying to learn to walk as a baby. You get up, you fall, you get up, you fall, over and over but you never quit trying. Finally you make those tentative first steps. Again you fall. Again you rise. Over and over until you are actually walking, then running. Your status right now is you are just about to learn to run with the unfoldment of the consciousness rising. In other words, things are speeding up in their unfoldment!

It might be helpful to remember the 100th monkey theory in which you learned that it takes a certain number of people to believe and be engaged before things shift. This is where you are. The number has been reached so the awakening will now accelerate. We do not say it will be easy. No. This process will still have its challenges but just as in learning to walk, you will fall less and less, get up more quickly, as time goes on.

Beloveds, we are so proud of you and how hard you each have worked. You have each found your own path to consciousness and the freeing of it. Well done! Heaven is indeed pleased at your progress and patience.

We encourage you to try to shift your negative thoughts to the positive for the time is ripe to achieve the dreams of your heart. As long as you are doing it from a place of integrity we encourage you to think, act and speak from a positive place. We encourage you to drop accusations, negative thinking, negative speaking, negative actions. This just slows down the progress of the collective as well as your own way forward. It will keep you stuck and this is a period of expansion which you will want to do in order to create a life of positivity.

The time is now for expansion in both your personal lives and in the lives of the whole. The Earth has waited a long time for this opportunity to ascend and you who are reading this transmission will feel the truth of why you are here working on this as part of your life’s mission. It is a great honor to be a part of this and you are appreciated for your participation in this grand expression of the expansion of consciousness.

We leave you today with these thoughts: stay in integrity as you continue to help the Light uplift and support the ascension process. Remove negativity in all its forms. LOVE YOUR SELF AND EACH OTHER. Let go of judgement of yourself and others. Embrace compassion and joy for your self and others. This is a time that has never been before. Understand that your participation in this process has been a gift to you and your presence has been a gift to the Universe.

Blessings to you all. Peace and joy to you all. May the Light continue to fill and support you. And remember, LOVE IS ALL THERE IS. Amen.