The Power of Intention

I have recently been reminded yet again of the power of intention.  We hear that phrase often don’t we!  So often in fact that it has become part of the jargon of everyday life.

But here is an amazing thing:  the more I focus on my intention, the more successful I am at creating the outcome I am seeking.  For example, my husband and I have been looking for a home for four years to spend our old age in.  A year ago, at the New Year, I made a vision board, one of those creative endeavors that I do with intention and focus.

On the vision board I put a picture of a house I really liked.  Now mind you, the house was way over our budget but I love the area. The neighborhood is full of live oaks dripping with Spanish moss, access to the beach, and a great big community pool….several items I love!  So no matter we couldn’t afford it, on the board it went.

So here we are a year later, and with the downturn in real estate and some great help from our angels, we now have a home in this very area where a year or two ago we had no chance of living.  After the negotiations went through and all the papers were signed and all was well, I showed my husband the vision board from a year ago.  He was stunned.  Heck, I was stunned.

But it just goes to show how intention works for us.  I have so many other examples of how this has played out in my life.  But this is one of the most amazing ones.   Won’t you share with me YOUR great stories of intentions achieved?