Messages from Heaven #19

Greetings to you!

We have been busy on our side during this time of evolution and ascension and know you have been as well. So much is going on energetically we understand how overwhelmed most of you are feeling. Let us give you a bit of an explanation as to what you are going through as humans on this earth plane.

For centuries humans have gone through periods where they have been willing to sacrifice their freedoms in exchange for security. Or should we say PERCEIVED security. There have also been periods where humans have been extraordinarily self reliant and have made great strides in their freedom.

For the last several years those of you on the planet, all over the planet, have been willing to ceed your freedoms and rights to the governments of your countries in order to once again have security. When you do this, you become like a child again, and the governments become your parent telling what you can and can’t do, and you slowly loose your freedoms and rights until it is too late to reclaim them.

Part of what is happening in the path to ascension is that governments and all systems are needing to be dismantled in order to free yourselves from the chains of self imposed slavery for this is something that most of you have willingly but unwittingly allowed to happen. You have relied more and more on the government to tell you what to do and when and how to do it, what not to do, what restrictions you have and so forth.

Along with that you humans have been more than willing to let go of personal responsibility and have chosen to point fingers at everyone else but yourself for all that is going wrong in your life. Remember, though, what they say about pointing fingers: when you are pointing outward, you have three fingers pointing back at yourself.

The combination has resulted in a world that has squeezed you all into a very small place. You have lost the ability to grow and prosper, to expand and explore, to enlarge your thoughts and ideas. So the result is that you are now being asked to leave all this behind and to forge a new path, and a new system that will free you from the chains which have enslaved every man, woman and child on the planet for centuries. This is the ascension process: letting go of the old, and co-creating the new. Raising your vibrations up to a new way of being that will bring you joy and fulfillment instead of pain and discontent.

It is time, my friends, to stand on your own again. To stop relying on someone else to rescue you, care for you or take responsibility for your own failings and missteps.

It is time to quit blaming others for the state of your own life. This may sound harsh but the time has come to raise the consciousness of the planet to a higher level and this cannot happen if your own consciousness is that of a child.

We encourage each of you to take responsibility for your own lives. Learn how to take care of your self instead of relying on sources outside of yourself (such as governments) to do so. We encourage you to become an adult again where you can open your minds and hearts to a new way of being where you are in charge of your own lives and do not seek outside interference. Your life is a gift. Stop giving it away to outside sources to manage. It is YOUR life. It is YOUR responsibility. The governments cannot do this nor should they. This is yours alone. Be an adult, not a child. Take your freedoms and rights back and enjoy the gifts this will bring you as your live your lives fully.

We have more to say but for today, this is enough.

We send you our love and offer our support. You have but to ask.

Blessings and love to each of you.

Monetary Freedom

“If you make a living, if your earn your own money, you’re free, however free anyone can be on this planet.”  Theodore White

As the world wide financial crisis continues to grow and protesters get more violent and people get more protective of their entitlements, there is no question that something has to give in order for the world to be put onto a firmer foundation and more stable pathway.

I received the quote above this morning on twitter from a new person I am following.  I found the quote to be quite profound and very fitting for what is going on.  I certainly am no expert but it is common sense to know we cannot possibly, any of us as individuals or countries, continue handing out entitlements as we have in the past.

Certainly there are many who need a hand out, a hand up, but at some point people have to step up and assume responsibility for themselves.  Of course there are some who can’t by virtue of their limited physical or mental capacities but most people who “live on the dole” can manage on their own.

Here is a local example I will cite and perhaps it will help others get creative with their talents and abilities in order to get on their feet.  And what that does is release one from the chains that bind them to “the system”.  If one depends on “the system” one is bound to be disappointed, but if one is steering one’s own ship, they can go on fabulous voyages!

Locally, we have a charity that is a food pantry at its heart and they get money for the food through donations and through a resale shop that adjoins the pantry.  If a family is really down on their luck, has suffered a house fire etc they can go to this place and get bags of things to begin again….all for free.  In addition, this charity has started a little restaurant where there are no prices on the menu. The food is simple and homemade. You give what you can and if you walk in flat broke, you can eat for free, no comments made or questions asked.  But if you have cash in your wallet, you pay what you think is proper.  In spite of nay sayers, this restaurant has prospered and in this very poor community, people are being fed.

Their vision continues to grow.  They are now thinking of providing classes on how to grow food, farming, canning and preserving.  In other words, they are teaching people how to fish, not simply handing out the fish.  As people become more and more self sufficient, they will help others with a hand up by teaching them, sharing the foods they grow and preserve, and passing along knowledge, talent, and worldly goods.

As long as we depend on the government and others for handouts, we are submissive, chained to a system.  But if we stand on our own, we are free and in charge of our own lives.  I remember that when my husband and I started life out as a couple we determined we would never live beyond what we could afford, we would strive to have enough to share with others, and we would not be dependent on anyone else to feather our nest.  It was hard work and took quite a bit of fortitude as we watched others work the system, live a grand lifestyle with huge debt, while we scrimped and saved and lived a modest but comfortable life.

All in all I am now so thankful that we chose that route for now we are fairly secure in the midst of all this collapse.  I know we may end up with nothing in the end if this is bad enough but we’ve had nothing before and can work hard to make a living again.  I certainly hope that by some miracle the leaders of the world, or the people of the world or both will be able to work together to create a world economy that works for everyone. But that solution will have to include the willingness of people to support themselves more fully, letting go of the entitlement “me first” mentality.

Meanwhile, I will keep my needs simple so as not to incur any debt during these troubling times, I will continue to donate to help others in need, and I will pray that we will all pull together for the good of the whole rather than staying stuck in our individual “but I deserve it” mode.  Will you join me?  Or will you stay stuck in an old system that is not working and is causing a world wide collapse?  Somewhere there is compromise.  I hope we can all find that sweet spot……