What Your Favorite Color Says About You

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Designer and Author, Sherry Burton Ways, ASID Associate

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Welcome Sherry!

Have you ever asked yourself exactly what your preferred color says about you or how incorporate it into your interior décor?

To be candid, it is not at all an easy task learning how color works for your interior because it requires many years of experience to fully understand just how colors impact a space. Nonetheless, here are some understanding of your favorite color, what it says about you, and tips for using it in your space.

If you love red like some people do, you love to live life to the fullest with excitement and spontaneity. But what does a red interior speak to others? Red, associated with fire and blood, raises your blood pressure levels and is an ultimate attention grabber! However, if you don’t desire to go totally red, try utilizing it as an accent color to make your space a tad bit more vibrant.

Blue, nonetheless, portrays stability, harmony, calmness and reliability. Blue is the favorite of most of men. An amazing color for rooms, blue makes it possible to unwind, especially soothing blue-greens, and enthusiasts of this color tend responsible residents that do the thing that is right.

Yellow, like a ray of sunlight, adds heat and implies optimism. This makes it perfect for or a bright living space or a kitchen. Huge fans of this color are often upbeat people who have a happy misdemeanor.

Green, the color of nature exudes warmth and calmness. It’s a great color for bedrooms or rooms in which you need a calmer feeling. Lovers of the shade are usually kind, warm and altruistic.

Purple, the preferred shade among youngsters denotes imagination, intangible, and quite often moodiness. Fans with this color tend to be more complex artistic and interesting people who occasionally may seem mystical or dark.

Orange, the color of hunger and vibrancy suits perfectly into that kitchen or dining where you need some life or a dramatic entry. And if you’re a lover of the color orange, you almost certainly show equivalent vibrant nature as the shade with your passionate zest for life.

But what does beige say about you? Beige tells that you are timeless, fundamental, conventional, and easy. Taupe leans toward traits of really balanced, classic, and fair, but brown, usually denotes down to earth with no nonsense.

However, you tend to be intellectual, practical, wise, calm, and conservative if you love grays.

Lovers of white lean toward cleanliness, purity, and neatness.

What about black? The elimination of color leans towards good classic style, but can also mean that you love power, confidence or just becoming conservative.

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