Messages from Heaven #13

Messages from Heaven #13

How to navigate a fearful world.

It is amazing how much fear has taken over the world. This is a natural reaction to the change that is happening in the unseen world. We are shifting from 3D to 5D so everyone’s vibration is having to adjust. In this process, as we shed our old energetic selves and absorb our new energy, it can cause a reaction of fear because we feel so vulnerable. It is a time when one can feel naked, exposed, without protection. Liken this to that period of time when you step out of your shower but before you have dried off and put your clothes on. You are naked, cold, unprotected and reach for the towel first, your clothes second. Only then do most people feel “safe” or “protected” enough to venture out into the world. Most people are not comfortable being wet, cold and unclothed. Most people would not want to be see without hiding behind their clothes, their makeup, their carefully coiffed hair. Most people do not want to be seen in their nakedness and may we say we do not blame you one bit! But we assure you, you are always protected and cared for no matter what your condition.

We are noticing that your Media is part of the plan to confuse and frighten. We also notice that many of you have awoken to that reality as you simultaneously raise your vibrations. The process is much like when you actually awaken from a dream. You have been living in a dream, an unreality. But as your vibration rises, so does your awareness. Many, many of you are in the middle of this Awakening. We believe we have spoken to you before about this.

In a world that is dominated by fear everything becomes distorted and people begin to imagine strange things and lose sight of what is really true. Imaginations run wild and rumors fly. It is easy in an atmosphere of fear to plant rumors, lies, untruths, and they grow and spread wildly. People lose their sense of security and there are those among you who so enjoy spreading these untruths. They love spreading fear because they themselves are fearful and they want your company. Or they enjoy confusing the populace to further their own agenda of power and greed. Or they enjoy keeping you asleep and full of fear for it gives them an immense sense of security and power and control.

For those of you who are feeling secure and in a place of peace this is particularly threatening to those who wish to control and manipulate. The fear mongers seek to pull you into their own level of denser and darker energy. This isn’t evil as much as energy run amuck. Although there are those who have evil intentions, most of the fear mongering is merely people who have fallen into the darker, denser energies and who cannot seem to get out of them. These people have different motivations. Some really do seek a better world but most are caught up in the third dimensional goals based on greed and the notion that there is not enough of anything to go around. May we remind you this is a totally false notion. There is more than enough of everything to go around. Soon you will see this manifesting. Just wait until you see what is coming. We believe it will bring you much Joy.

It is up to those of you who are way showers , warriors of light or light workers or whatever you want to label these more conscious beings to change the trajectory of reality. It is up to you to stand strong in the Light, in Truth and in Peace. It is important because by doing so you become like a light house and all those people who are living in fear are like the ships on the wild seas and it is your Light that will guide them back to a safe harbor and back to a place of Peace and Truth. and a place of Well Being. YOU are the ones chosen to lead the way for others to follow. This is no small feat and we thank you for your service to us all.

It is extremely important for each of you to remain calm, lift your vibration, remain in the Light and stay out of fear for you are the Ones who will guide others to safety, and security. You are the Ones who will help them lift their vibrations so they will also be free from fear. Remember who you are. Remember the Source of your Light. Remember the Peace that is your God given right. Remember the Light that shines within you. Remember how far that Light can spread. Re-member. Re-member. Re-member. Awaken and Shine Your Light Brightly so that those who are still sleeping can Awaken and join us on this process of Ascension.

And beware of those who continue to speak from fear. These are not the way showers. These are the remnants of the old 3 dimensional world. They are not filled with Truth but with the desire to control you, manipulate you to their own greedy ends, and to destroy the new world that is emerging. Be discerning. Listen closely. Those who seek your well being will be positive and uplifting. Those who do not seek your well being will continue to speak from a fear based reality and try to scare you into submission.

Rise up. Take back your own sovereignty. Allow the New World to emerge and bring others to it. The time is now. The time for action is Now.

How to Go from Stuck to Full Speed Ahead



I love the benefits one receives as one ages. Things that used to upset me no longer do. Our perspective changes to reveal an amazing unfoldment of life that could only have been designed by a Higher Power/God/Supreme Being/Source or whatever you choose to call it. So many things have become clear as a bell, confusion taking a back seat. And one truth has revealed itself making my life so full and wonderful: A grateful heart is an open heart. An open heart allows us to welcome in good relationships, good experiences and a happier life.

So many of my earlier years were spent experiencing angst over crazy things. I worried about so many things that ended up being inconsequential or things that worked themselves out perfectly, even though I didn’t think so at the time. But with the perspective that time can give you, things ended up perfectly perfect.

A dear friend of mine recently shared about a workshop she attended and they were asked as part of the workshop to start each day writing down things they were grateful for. She told me it was making a huge difference in her life. They were not to repeat things day after day but rather find new things to write down. And she had not had a bit of trouble finding new things every day.

This was a new twist on the gratitude practice which by now has become a well honed habit for me. So I began to try it and by gum, she is right. Once you dive into this practice it is simple to find new things every day to be thankful for.

Another friend said we also have to be thankful for those things that aren’t so great but that lead us to a new understanding, or a new experience or a new perspective. And she is right as well. Being thankful for our challenges is harder, much harder, but a great practice. I have found that giving thanks for problems, worries and challenges, while hard, helps to lighten them somehow and I often find I see new opportunities within them as I bless them and say a humble “thank you”.

There is much written about gratitude these days but how grateful are you? What is your gratitude practice and how faithful are you to it? Do you give thanks only when things go your way? Or are you able to accept your troubles as teachers and way finders?

Understanding the power and wisdom of a gratitude practice will lead you to a new reality. If you don’t do it already, begin each day with a litany of things you give thanks for that day. And continue throughout the day as you recognize your blessings, however small. I promise you your life will change.




“Gratitude is an opener of locked up blessings.” ~ Marianne Williamson


“Most of the greatest speeches I have ever given, have been in the dedicated silence of my actions.” ~ Steve Maraboli


“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” ~unknown


“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.” ~Meister Eckhart


“Praise the bridge that carried you over.” ~George Colman


“The struggle ends when the gratitude begins.” ~Neale Donald Walsch


“If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. It will change your life mightily.” ~Gerald Good