Person of the Year



This has been quite a week with the passing of the amazing Nelson Mandela and the proclamation by Time Magazine that Pope Francis is Person of the Year.  One hero and role model has exited while another has stepped on stage.

Someone forwarded an article to me from the Denison Forum on Truth and Culture about Pope Francis’s selection and they said:
“You and I were not chosen for Person of Year, but we can emulate the one who was……Pope Francis tweeted three days ago, ‘If we see someone who needs help, do we stop?  There is so much suffering and poverty, and a great need for good Samaritans.’ we may never be Person of the Year, but we can all be good Samaritans.”

Wise words I wanted to share with you.  We also were not Mr. Mandela, but we can emulate him and his huge capacity for forgiveness.  Who in your life needs to be forgiven by you?  Include yourself if you are hard on yourself and make self judgements like I do.   There is no one on earth who is harder on me than myself.

I try to learn from the Masters among us of whom there are many. They are not perfect because they are human, but each one teaches me something: forgiveness, sharing, focus, living in the moment, lightening my spirit, finding joy, feeling love for myself as well as others, caring for others, understanding, how to listen, how to heal, and many more things.  For those who are false prophets, of which there are many, and those who think they are the be all and end all, of which there are many, take the focus off yourselves and look to the real heroes who do not have to puff themselves up with importance.  They humbly go about the job of living by BEING the examples of how to live a good and meaningful life.  If you have to tell everyone how great you are, you probably aren’t that great.  But if people are telling you about your attributes, you are probably doing a good job of living an exemplary life that inspires others.

This may be the last post of 2013. If it is, many thanks to you all for reading my posts. I don’t post often as there is so much input out there! But I hope that when I do post, you receive an uplifting, inspiring message.  Blessings of the Season to you and a very Happy New Year 2014!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????