Mid September 2020 Newsletter

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Eagle by Ken Klancnik
Mid-September 2020 Newsletter I’m thinking of all of you as we are buffeted about by the winds of change. I can feel your confusion, pain, exhaustion, and lack of hope. I send blessings to each of you, and want each of you to find refuge in this chaos all around us.   Is everyone still hanging in there? I’ve never seen such chaos. I’ve never seen such a shuffling of people from one spot to another, or so much in the way of natural disasters, or unwarranted violence. We could get into a deep discussion here but I want to stay away from that in this newsletter and just send you this photo by my good friend, Ken Klancnik. It is an amazing eagle who in the photo following this one has caught a huge fish and then flies away with it to the nest. Ken has taken thousands of photos of nature and sends me only his favorites. This one shows an eagle who is about to strike and catch his prey in his talons…..ready to feed his family back at the nest.   I share this photo because as I was thinking the other day, we need to rise above what is happening around us in order to not get dragged down into the confusing, muddied, emotional energy trying to take over our reality right now. Eagles are good at that. They can soar way above the earth and see hundreds of miles. And even at their great height, they can see a small mouse running in the fields below. Wouldn’t it be great to soar up like that, way above what is happening so that perhaps our perspective is wider, deeper, broader and more keen? If we stay mired in the muddied reality we get pulled down into a spiral, not able to see hope or progress but only the messy underbelly of the chaos.   And yet, like this eagle, we must also be able to dip down into reality so we don’t drift totally away from it. We must tangle with it and deal with it, slipping our talons around it, bringing it back to be digested, and use if to fuel our flight upward.   The world of nature can teach us many things and inspire us to be better. When we get into a snarl, we can sometimes find the answer by observing and learning from nature. The eagle teaches us to soar, yet return and use our reality to lift us back up to observer. Seeing the whole picture helps us know how to move forward in the most direct direction in order to find our way out of the chaos that flourishes below us.   What other things have you learned from the world of nature? What clues have you received in order to survive and even thrive in this crazy world? I would love to hear about the wisdoms you have found along the way……… Image by WikiImages from Pixabay I encourage you all to take a look at this video for a good perspective from Carl Sagan on our earth: https://youtu.be/wupToqz1e2g

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What the Heck is Going On?????: Understanding the Chaos in Today’s World


Has anyone else noticed what a challenging time it is? My goodness. So many people facing truly big issues. My heart has been aching for so many people. And my head keeps saying, “What on earth is going on?”

What can we do when there is nothing we can do? There are many people I know and care about for whom I can do precious little. People with whom I can’t interfere for one reason or another from distance in miles to distance in relationships.

This makes it even harder to bear the burden of wanting to help but being unable to do so. And so I took this question into the Akashic Records today, when I had a reading myself by a good friend and fellow colleague. What came out of it was brilliant. Here is the jist:

Akashic Record Message:

“Part of what the world is experiencing at this time is a clearing. Clearing can be a very intense process when we are unable or unwilling to let go of the status quo, when we can’t choose another way of reacting to challenges, when we keep getting attached to the drama of what is unfolding before us, when we focus on what WE want rather than allowing for all possibilities.

In fact, that is when clearing becomes a hammer that comes crashing down on us creating an even bigger problem. When we avoid, disregard, or run from change and clearing, we up the ante in what happens.

But when we stay in faith, in love, and in compassion, the clearing process becomes much easier. As the Course in Miracles (https://www.acim.org/) teaches, there are two ways of living: in fear or in love. When we choose fear, problems become insurmountable. When we live in love, our lives unfold in a more manageable manner. When we stay in love, redemption happens. When we offer compassion, we can draw others into this state of love when they are unable to do so for themselves and remain stuck in fear.”

Summing it up:

When we get attached to the drama, and the pain, we ourselves become disempowered to help. We have to rise above the drama and hold a place of compassion. If we want to help, it is vitally important that we ourselves reach the space of love, peace and compassion if we are to have a positive impact on anyone or anything.

There was more, but this is the jist of it. I don’t know about you, but this helped me put so much into perspective. I hope this helps you as well.

God’s blessings to all.