Lifting the US Presidential Meditation from James Twyman

Special notice: On Sunday night, November 6 at 7pm Eastern there will be a world wide meditation led by James Twyman to uplift the US Presidential Election. Everyone on the planet will be affected by who is elected President, so please, join in to uplift the energy, and to meditate for the highest good of all to be served. Leave behind your judgements and opinions and join us in creating miracle.




How to Overcome Adversity

paint fanColor and Wellbeing March 2016

March is Color Therapy Month. It is the month in which we “color people” celebrate the wonders and powers of color. There are classes, radio broadcasts, luminary presentations, color ambassador events, and more. (For a full presentation take a look at

I myself am doing two radio interviews, and a live event as well as launching the long awaited Simply Color Online Course. I will also be creating a few interviews with some of the wonderful contributing authors for Simply Color for Everyday Living, my latest book, which included articles by 25 professionals as well as myself.

So there is a lot going on in the world of color this month. I hope you can avail yourself of some of the events for you will be guided to connect with some of the leading authorities in the field of color therapeutics.

Read on to see a few examples of how color can enhance your life…..

The year was 1985. It was a low point in my life. I had been in the field of Interior Design for 5 years, had just won Best of Show for a showhouse room I had done for charity, our kids were well on their way towards their futures, yet my life seemed so pointless. No longer needed by our children in the way I had become used to, and doing a job that to me had become stale, I wondered where to turn next.

Then a miracle happened. I attended a seminar on color given by Carlton Wagner of the Wagner Color Research Center out in California. Back in 1985 there were not many books on healing, consciousness, or even how to use color beyond color theory. Then Mr. Wagner arrived in Chicago with his color boards and my life changed in an afternoon. He regaled us with how colors can impact one’s life and what the psychology of color could do for our clients. He had spent a career studying how color affects people and was now out in the world revealing his findings.

I was like a kid in a candy store. I got so excited that afternoon that I purchased his video (remember it was 1985!) and continued to study with him until his untimely death a few years later. But I had found color as a healing tool and was learning to use it to support my clients and their needs. It was a heady time and my life opened up.

In the early years of the 1990’s I discovered feng shui and then Aura Soma, a two color healing system from England. I studied both of them and studied energy systems such as Reiki and Healing Touch. I felt at the time as if I were all over the place but it all came down to learning about energy and how to use it for healing and transformation.
I studied various other fields such as Aura Soma, Reiki, Healing Touch and Feng Shui and learned all about energy, what it does, how to direct it, how to feel and read it etc.
Everything is energy, and color is certainly energy. Learning about each color and how it can change things for people was so exciting…and still is to me. I find color to be a gentle yet effective tool and one reason I love using it and recommending it is that it is readily available, inexpensive and highly effective.

If you want to learn how to harness this power for yourself, there is a great chart in Simply Color for Everyday Living along with so many articles on how to use color in simple everyday ways: cooking, gardening, painting a room, the arts, healing….it is a wonderful, wonderful resource. You don’t have to read it cover to cover either. Just find a chapter that appeals and read bits and pieces that resonate for you.

Here are just a few things color can help with:
• Speaking in business or other public appearances
• Being able to speak your truth
• Memory
• Making decisions
• Supporting a relationship
• Creating and maintaining boundaries
• Grounding, manifesting and increasing energy
• Peace, meditation and calming down
• Moving and transitions of all kinds
• Creating a sense of community
• Overcoming fear, addictions, or a troubled past
And much, much more.

Color is everywhere in our lives. Learning how to relate to and use it is a powerful way to take control of your life and enhance it. Enjoy the miracle and power of color and have fun in March, Color Therapy Month 2016!



So many times I’ve tried to set a habit and after a while it fades into the past. Other times I’ve had some success in spite of myself which is always so welcome!

I’ve been sorting out what works and what doesn’t work around habits and for me, the main thing seems to be rigidity and expectations that are far too high for success.

For example, if I say to myself I am going to walk 3 miles every morning is a sure set up for failure. Reframing it saying I will do SOMETHING for exercise every day (or most days) is far more relaxed and achievable. Maybe the thing will be going to the mall to do errands and I walk from one end to the other a few times, or maybe after a day of work I’ll come home and swim for half an hour, or maybe if I am up quite early I’ll get a good long walk in. Or maybe if it is a very busy or stress filled day I might only eke out a walk around the block with the dog, but it is something and that is my goal, rather than something I cannot achieve every single day.

The point is that by not being so rigid, I open myself up to success by allowing some air to flow into my decision to create a habit.

I tend to be very hard on myself and set very high standards that are not achievable. Knowing and admitting this to myself has helped me see that I had been setting myself up for failure, not success. Then of course I began to berate myself for being lazy, weak, or whathaveyou because I couldn’t reach the high bar I had set.

I guess I am a slow learner because it took me a very long time to figure this out! Hopefully, you will be a lot smarter than I and realize that when you set the bar “just right”, you have a chance at success.

I tried to start a meditation program years and years ago by getting up at 5 before the family began to stir and get ready for school and work. In theory I loved the idea of being alone in that predawn peace and watching the sun rise after a half hour of peaceful, mindful meditation.

Well, that lasted less than a week because I am not an early morning person. Meditating at that hour for me was not working for my body, mind or spirit. I became groggy and ill tempered in the morning as I fixed breakfast for everyone before they started on their day. I dragged through my own day because I hadn’t had enough sleep. And the next day would be the same and everything built up until I decided my peace of mind and the wellbeing of my family would do much better without the added pressure of a meditation practice that was not working for me. Better to meditate before bed, or in the afternoon before everyone got home. Or just when it seemed to flow naturally into my day.

So there you have it. When you create a new habit or rewrite an old one, take into account YOUR own body, mind and spirit and what is optimal for YOU. Don’t make the habit so tight that it is unachievable. And then allow for some wiggle room so you can tweak your habit to fit all kinds of situations and days which present different challenges.

“Habits are safer than rules; you don’t have to watch them. And you don’t have to keep them, either. They keep you.” Frank Crane

Speed Limit!


Here we are at the end of the summer and I for one am wondering where on earth summer went? Is it me or is time speeding up?


At any rate, it is Labor Day weekend, a holiday where we honor our work ethic and the laborers who make the nation, at least in the past, a prosperous and successful one. It is part of our culture to honor working hard. After all, it is people who work hard that made this country what it once was.


But where is the day that honors meditation, or rest, or slowing down? I don’t see that we do slow down that much in our society, nor are we encouraged to. Everything is geared to faster! now! hurry! We are always head down looking at our devices that alert us to texts, social media updates, emails. We are constantly searching for things that are quick fixes, quick answers, instant gratification.


Being enmeshed in this is like shutting out our connection to the wisdom that lies within us all. It robs us of patience replacing that with a feeling of entitlement to quick, instant, immediate results. By being so tuned in to the culture of now, we will eventually short ourselves out by being constantly plugged in much like a childhood toy that is fueled by batteries, dying one day when we most want to play with it.


So on this weekend where we celebrate work, workers and the like, take a few moments for contemplation as well. Slow down and learn to listen. After a few tries at that, see if you can incorporate that into your daily lives. For it is there, in the stillness of being connected to your heart and intuition that you will find the true guidance and true connection we are all looking for.



Tuning into the Heart

Tuning into the Heart