Speed Limit!


Here we are at the end of the summer and I for one am wondering where on earth summer went? Is it me or is time speeding up?


At any rate, it is Labor Day weekend, a holiday where we honor our work ethic and the laborers who make the nation, at least in the past, a prosperous and successful one. It is part of our culture to honor working hard. After all, it is people who work hard that made this country what it once was.


But where is the day that honors meditation, or rest, or slowing down? I don’t see that we do slow down that much in our society, nor are we encouraged to. Everything is geared to faster! now! hurry! We are always head down looking at our devices that alert us to texts, social media updates, emails. We are constantly searching for things that are quick fixes, quick answers, instant gratification.


Being enmeshed in this is like shutting out our connection to the wisdom that lies within us all. It robs us of patience replacing that with a feeling of entitlement to quick, instant, immediate results. By being so tuned in to the culture of now, we will eventually short ourselves out by being constantly plugged in much like a childhood toy that is fueled by batteries, dying one day when we most want to play with it.


So on this weekend where we celebrate work, workers and the like, take a few moments for contemplation as well. Slow down and learn to listen. After a few tries at that, see if you can incorporate that into your daily lives. For it is there, in the stillness of being connected to your heart and intuition that you will find the true guidance and true connection we are all looking for.



Tuning into the Heart

Tuning into the Heart