The Return of the Light


Tomorrow is the winter solstice and also the new moon. For those of you who work with moon cycles, it is the time we can discard things that no longer serve us and state our intentions for what we want to create in our lives. This new moon is even more strong tomorrow and the portal is even wider because it falls exactly on the solstice.


So how will you celebrate and acknowledge this sacred and powerful portal? There are offerings out there from many teachers and leaders for meditations, sound healings, and celebrations. I personally will be making an energy essence of this time putting into it the things I wish to release. When it is complete, I will pour it into Mother Earth to be released and transformed into liquid light. I will make a second one at the same time, infusing into it all the intentions I have for my life for the future. This one will be preserved to be used to support me in manifesting these positive intentions.


The solstice time for my area, which is on Eastern Standard Time, is 6:03pm to 8:36pm EST on Dec. 21. I have the great fortune to be able to walk a labyrinth during this same time period so as I walk in, I will be thinking of all those things I want to release. Once in the center, I will consciously leave those things behind, and as I walk out, I will carry with me the energies of my new intentions.


How will you spend the solstice this year? What do you want to release? What do you want to bring in? This solstice period is such a wonderful gift we are being given. Use it wisely and fill your life with more light as we celebrate the return of the light to our lives.