Home is Where the Heart Is

Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is

I have not posted here in almost a month but believe it or not in those few short weeks our house sold and we have closed already.  This leaves us up in the air for we don’t go to our winter home until mid-October at the earliest.  What to do?  What to do?

We have ended up renting a very tiny but precious little cabin not far from here.  It will be back to basics and both my husband and I are actually looking forward to a breather from civilization.  I will be quite absent from this blog for a while and wanted to let you know why….I will be happily ensconced in our little rental without internet, laundry facilities or even a decent bed!  But it will be sort of like a second honeymoon when we couldn’t afford anything but were happy as could be!

Not that I don’t like luxury mind you but for this short period it might bring us back to what is real, what is solid, what is everlasting.  I find myself getting so caught up in my technical, goal oriented life that sniffing the roses gets to be something that gets pushed further and further back from my consciousness so I am quite excited about this little respite we will be having!

That said, I am sad to be leaving this marvelous place but as someone wise once said, we don’t own the land, it is only on loan.  It has been a most generous loan and we are so completely thankful for it!  Now it goes to someone else to care for and love.  And we have wonderful memories.

On to the next adventure, and who knows where our next more permanent spot to land in will be.  Life is an adventure and letting go of the trapeze before you know if you catcher is behind you is certainly an adventure.

Stay tuned and I’ll be in touch when I can.  Meanwhile, love your home, the people who dwell within, and the heart that beats at the center of it.  Namaste.