Aura Imaging

One of my favorite people has just acquired an aura imaging machine.  She is as nuts about color as I am and has studied alternative healing methods as I have.  So we are having fun seeing how healing methods such as reflexology (hers), color sprays (mine), and other methods change our auras and the auras of people we test.

What is so amazing is how MUCH our auras change when these methods are applied.  They say that disease begins in the aura where our body blueprint is and works its way into the body.  We can see with this machine how auras become more balanced, holes get filled in, and shadows disappear.  So now more than ever I believe in the power of alternative healing methods.  They can be used right along with the approach and wisdom of Western Medicine.

Treat yourself to a massage, a reflexology treatment, a color healing session, Reiki etc.  Believe me, your body and your aura will benefit!

sample of Aura Photo