January 2021 Newsletter

January 2021 Newsletter

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January 2021 Newsletter

It is a yearly tradition for many to review the past year, and plan ahead for the upcoming year by creating a vision board or by journaling about goals, visions, plans, thoughts for the New Year. The idea behind these practices is that we start off the new year with purpose, focus and goals.  

But what we mostly forget is that it is the PROCESS, not the GOAL, that is ultimately important, for by pursuing our goals and trying first this, then that, we learn and we grow. We learn what works and what doesn’t. What serves us and what is a waste of our time and efforts. We learn what builds us up and what tears us down. We learn where our strengths and skills lie. We learn what we love to do, and what fulfills us. And we learn how to change direction, change our focus, reallocate our time towards things that really serve us.  

In determining which path to take, which goals to set, it is wise to keep in mind where your skills and passions lie. A life lived doing something you are good at but does not include your passion, is not fulfilling. Andre Agassi, one of the world’s most successful tennis players, did not really like to play tennis. He did it, to please his father, but at a certain point in his life he left tennis to do what he really wanted to do: a life of service. He and his Foundation established and run a college preparatory school for at risk students, a far cry from a life playing tennis. But he is now fulfilling his mission in life and happier for it.  

So this year when you are creating the year ahead in your mind, remember to follow your passion/mission in life, allow for mistakes, for slip ups, for making a few steps back before moving forward again and give yourself permission to alter your course if you find you are on the wrong path. Generally speaking the pathway to our goals is not straight and easy. It can curve back in on itself sometimes, or even become so filled with weeds we can’t see our way. When that happens, take time to breathe and refocus. Remember the old adage “it’s not a sprint but a marathon”. Give yourself time for reflection and even relaxation in pursuit of your goals for the year. Be gentle with yourself as well as a wise taskmaster. Try not to loose your enthusiasm or even the vision of what you see today as your goal for the year ahead. Don’t be afraid to readjust your goal as time moves forward so be flexible. And remember, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Trite but true!  

Let’s change our future for the new year and make this one the best year ever!   The Gift of a New Year
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“Life is short. Don’t waste it by living someone else’s life.” Steve Jobs

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“You have a treasure inside of you that is infinitely greater than anything the world can offer.”
Eckhart Tolle



Moving On

Burden of Not Forgiving

Burden of Not Forgiving

Here we are again at the dawn of a New Year.  I see people scurrying around making plans for a party, a celebration, a gathering, or just planning a quiet evening at home.  Whatever you are doing this New Year, take time to release old resentments and old pain.  It is a great time of year to forgive, really forgive….including yourself.

Who among us has not righteously held onto ill feelings that we feel are justified towards others because of “what they did” to use or what we PERCEIVED they did to us.  I just finished a novel in which a dreadful cascade of events unfurled because of a misperceived action.  The female lead in the novel felt she had been unjustly treated but in the end, she so foolishly misread the event that it led to some sad and tragic events in her efforts to seek revenge for an act which had really been one of protection and kindness.

This was a novel, granted, but don’t we always quip “truth is stranger than fiction” or “no one could have made this up for a novel”! Indeed, these things happen regularly on the planet and when our egos get bruised, we tend to want to “win” or seek revenge or set things right.

At any rate, from personal experience I can tell you that it is far better for us to forgive and move on than it is to hold a grudge.  The other person is out living their life while we fume and mutter to ourselves how unjust that was! My Mother used to say “Time heals all wounds and wounds all heels.”  I hated when she would say that to me.  But once I could get my thoughts around a situation in which I felt so wronged, I could finally forgive.

It doesn’t mean that what they did was ok, not at all, but I did realize that people, even I, made mistakes, sometimes very hurtful ones. I never hurt someone on purpose but I know I hurt people, mostly through my naivite, sometimes by neglect or oversight, or simply not knowing what I was doing.

Knowing that I also hurt people made me a bit more tolerant and forgiving of others.  And knowing that there is a higher form of justice out there than I could ever dish out also gave me a lot of relief.

I realize that there are dreadful, unspeakable, horrible things that occur.  But once they have happened, it is over and no amount of anger, angst, or revenge will take them back. It can take years, YEARS, to work through something like this and to some degree, perhaps we never really work all the way through it to total, complete, heart felt forgiveness.  But as we take the time to work through these events, we can lighten the load of our burden by slowly working towards forgiveness.  It is a journey, like all of life’s challenges.

Forgiving is hard, but not forgiving is even harder.  Walking around with the weight of anger is exhausting and produces nothing.  So this New Year, start with an empty cart by forgiving what you can and moving on.  Then you can heap all kinds of blessings into that cart….believe me, they weigh nothing while anger, angst, and thoughts of revenge weigh tons.  You will lead a better life if you make that choice.

Happy New Year!  May all your days be light filled and light!