Adios Amigo

Friends Forever


3 days ago I lost yet another precious friend.  I remember my Mother saying that the worst part about getting older is loosing people you love on a fairly regular basis.  And yes, it has become a fairly regular thing.

That doesn’t make it any easier to accept or handle.  I just can’t believe that this once vital person who had so much energy and joie de vivre isn’t here in body any more.  Oh I know he is in a better place and happy and free.  But it happened so suddenly, it was so unexpected!

Here’s the great thing though.  My friend whom I have known almost all my life made a huge impact in the world.  He had so many friends who truly loved him.  He had a quick wit that brought so much laughter to the world.  He had a precious family, came from a wonderful family, and left a big hearted imprint on the world.

Bon voyage dear friend.  I hope I find you again somewhere and we can share that same mutual caring and that same love of laughter once again. I’ll miss you.