Money and Relationship Corners




About 99% of the people I have worked with doing a feng shui consultation have had concerns over their financial situations and/or their relationships. The challenge and joy of doing these consultations is coming up with cures that will best serve my clients.


I once worked with a woman whose family was under some financial distress.  So I asked her to show me the far left corner of her home, which is the money corner.  In it I found a waste can overflowing with trash.  The paint was peeling, and in general this corner looked neglected, dirty, and frankly, if I were money, I would never be attracted to such a place!


We immediately moved the trash to an out of the way spot, still handy for her, but out of sight.  We placed a thriving plant she had in front of the peeling paint until she could paint that area.  We took a much-loved blue glass bowl of hers and filled it with coins from their family coin bottle.  We also thoroughly washed the wall where trash had left its mark, along with the floor and the window.  Once things were sparkling clean, the plant moved in, the coin bowl in place shining in the sunlit room on the windowsill, we dedicated a new way of being for money in that home.


One week later they received a check for a very large amount of money they were not expecting.


This is very dramatic and I admit that most times the results, though they come, are not quite as fabulous as this happy outcome, but it is certainly a lesson in seeing that results happen when one is conscious, intentional, and works from a heart centered space for the good of all. (That money was needed to put towards two college educations that were about to begin but no money was available.)

The relationship corner is on the other side of the home, the far right corner.  Again, keep it clean, add pairs of things like chairs, tables (one should be on EACH side of the bed), candles, lamps, accessories, etc.  Use some shade or tint of the red family from red itself into the pinks, magentas, cranberries, corals depending on which hue you most care for!  It can be just a dab or so to have an effect!  Once you have your relationship corner clean, and a pair of something there, consciously ask for what it is you want regarding relationship.  Are you looking for a casual connection that is social or something more long term? Are you looking for a deep romance or something more light hearted?  Whatever it is, define it, and ask for it.  Keep this area spotless, space clear it if needed, and put your attention at least once a day on what it is you want to achieve.


Adding diffused essential oils, a color spray from Life Potentials, fresh flowers or a live plant, music and other enhancements will deepen your work on these important corners of your living space.  Let me know how it goes!


May blessings abound in your life!