The Return of the Hour Glass

Daily use of corsets and what they do to the body

Daily use of corsets and what they do to the body


I just read in the paper that the hourglass figure and corsets are back in vogue. Too late for me as my once wasp waist filled out long ago as menopause worked its nasty way around my body and emotions! But thousands or maybe millions of young lovely women are buying corsets, some for the first time ever.

This is an interesting development as there was a scene in the last season of Downton Abbey where Cora, the Lady of the house, observes that when fashion of the early 20th Century let go of the corset, women gained more freedom. If I remember correctly, she said that once the blood could flow easily through a woman’s body, she was able to move and do things she previously could not physically do due to the constraints of said corsets.

But here we go again, down Merry Corset Lane, pursuing a fashion trend that would once again restrain women’s natural movements and would crush her inner organs, restrict blood flow, and just be plain old uncomfortable.

I’m no one to criticize fashion trends. Believe me, I’ve done these things to my own body, including wearing corsets in high school for formal dances. That was one thing you just did back in the day. And I also have more than once bought a pair of shoes that hurt like heck for the purpose of being in style. My older sister loves to remind me of the time I went to visit her in college, me all of 14 years old, wearing bright blue spike heels (with matching purse of course, so “in” for 1960!) and wobbling my way everywhere in them. Unfortunately for me, I am not a fashion maven and could never ever carry off “the look” whatever it might have been in the moment!

Getting older is not always the greatest but I’ll tell you one thing I am so happy for: I make my own fashion now and wear what feels good. I have no need to try to wear things that are uncomfortable, unflattering, or unmercifully tight in order to be in style. My style is my own and while I’ll never be a cover girl, I’m blissfully comfy and happy and content to let others better suited be front and center in the field of fashion.

The hourglass figure may be back and corsets may be in, but I, for one, am most grateful to let this wave of fashion pass me by. Been there, done that, and don’t need to go there again! Younger women that I will flock to the lingerie aisle to pick up the latest in fashion and they will enjoy it all. Just as I did at their ages.

My Mom had a closet bulging with clothes. I would ask her why she was keeping so many out of date clothes and she assured me that if you wait long enough, the styles will come back. I’ve found that to be mostly true but with my luck, by the time a fashion trend returns I’ve long ago changed sizes and nothing would fit. Corset or no!

For those of you young enough to be called to wear corsets, enjoy.  Some of them are just beautiful to look at and who can resist such beauty. Other than older women who have lived their corset based hour glass days, and have moved on to fashion for comfort!