Messages from Heaven #20

Messages from Heaven #20

Greetings to all!

We are so excited to speak to you all today. The world is lightening up quickly and many many more of you have awakened since our last transmission, turning towards the Light, embodying the Light, working for the Light.

Our work behind the scenes has been intense but for you it has been almost unbearable. Thankfully, that is shifting as the world’s energy is shifting upwards thanks to your commitment to the upliftment of the collective consciousness. We can liken this process to trying to learn to walk as a baby. You get up, you fall, you get up, you fall, over and over but you never quit trying. Finally you make those tentative first steps. Again you fall. Again you rise. Over and over until you are actually walking, then running. Your status right now is you are just about to learn to run with the unfoldment of the consciousness rising. In other words, things are speeding up in their unfoldment!

It might be helpful to remember the 100th monkey theory in which you learned that it takes a certain number of people to believe and be engaged before things shift. This is where you are. The number has been reached so the awakening will now accelerate. We do not say it will be easy. No. This process will still have its challenges but just as in learning to walk, you will fall less and less, get up more quickly, as time goes on.

Beloveds, we are so proud of you and how hard you each have worked. You have each found your own path to consciousness and the freeing of it. Well done! Heaven is indeed pleased at your progress and patience.

We encourage you to try to shift your negative thoughts to the positive for the time is ripe to achieve the dreams of your heart. As long as you are doing it from a place of integrity we encourage you to think, act and speak from a positive place. We encourage you to drop accusations, negative thinking, negative speaking, negative actions. This just slows down the progress of the collective as well as your own way forward. It will keep you stuck and this is a period of expansion which you will want to do in order to create a life of positivity.

The time is now for expansion in both your personal lives and in the lives of the whole. The Earth has waited a long time for this opportunity to ascend and you who are reading this transmission will feel the truth of why you are here working on this as part of your life’s mission. It is a great honor to be a part of this and you are appreciated for your participation in this grand expression of the expansion of consciousness.

We leave you today with these thoughts: stay in integrity as you continue to help the Light uplift and support the ascension process. Remove negativity in all its forms. LOVE YOUR SELF AND EACH OTHER. Let go of judgement of yourself and others. Embrace compassion and joy for your self and others. This is a time that has never been before. Understand that your participation in this process has been a gift to you and your presence has been a gift to the Universe.

Blessings to you all. Peace and joy to you all. May the Light continue to fill and support you. And remember, LOVE IS ALL THERE IS. Amen.

How to Wisely Navigate Expansion and Contraction

Every corny thing that’s said about living with nature – being in harmony with the earth, feeling the cycle of the seasons – happens to be true.
Susan Orlean

Man in rainbow light and stars
I just love how the Universe works.

While coaching a colleague in the art of reinventing herself, we started talking about the natural phasing the Universe uses everywhere – from outer space to flowering plants.

This phasing is like our breath. We have to take it in before we expel it, and, conversely, we have to expel it before we can take it in. Expansion, contraction; in, out; energy outward, energy inward.

It is a rule of the Universe: before anything can expand, it needs the phase of contraction to gather in the energy. Once gathered in, it can build up enough energy to expand.

Despite the gorgeousness of this cycle, frustration can accompany each phase. But there are also gifts that emerge from that frustration.

Contraction In the contracting phase we often feel that things are stuck, that we want things to move more quickly, that we aren’t getting things accomplished.

This is when we need to look at the gifts that contraction brings. It gives us time to rest; to research; to read for pleasure; to enjoy time with family and friends; to nurture ourselves with massages, good homemade foods and activities that make us happy.

Expansion In the expansion phase we often feel exhilarated and excited because things are moving quickly, the flow is working, the time moves fast and so do we.

Frustration might arise because we can’t keep up with ourselves, we don’t have time for family and friends, we have trouble finding the time to nurture ourselves and our souls.

This is when we look to the gifts that expansion brings. It brings us that exhilaration, excitement and encouragement that fuels our creativity. It expands our work, our reach, our mission. It allows us to meet new people, learn new things, be exposed to a wider range of experiences.

Both phases have their rewards and challenges. One is not better than another, rather each calls out to be celebrated as its own unique gift to us.

Your Invitation
I invite you to determine which phase you are in and turn the frustrations into gifts so that you can enjoy and relish each phase for the rewards it brings.

We may as well make friends with these phases because they happen over and over again.