Messages from Heaven #21

Messages from Heaven #21

Greetings, Beloveds,

We come to you today with two thoughts we wish to share with you. They both can be put under the category of self responsibility but it does not matter what category you put them in.

First, is the level of hatred and vitriol in the world. We do not endorse this for anyone no matter how good their motives might be. Your current President is a lightening rod for much of this. He often speaks in ways that trigger people’s emotions and sparks reactions in people. And when people react, (he does this often just for the reaction and to take the attention from one thing to another), they are acting no better than the President. They fall into a trap of behaving poorly themselves and become even more culpable than he is. Do you see what happens? “A” says something that sparks a reaction in “B” and “B” responds in a negative way by judging and criticizing what “A” has said (or done). This raises the ante as “B” escalates the situation with derision, hatred, judgement and shrill tones.

We do not mean that you shouldn’t react to something that offends your sense of civility but do not fall into the trap of being uncivil yourself. That takes away or negates your efforts to make things different or to change things. You see, by reacting out of anger, hate, judgement, or fear, you make things worse. Rather respond in a calm manner, stating the facts (not the emotionality) and creating another response. Something such as saying, the way you talk about people is not civil and we could hear you better if you didn’t speak such language. This is far better than shouting back, criticizing, hurling your own epithets.

Do you understand? You see nothing can change if you respond in kind to people who offend you. Turning it around and offending them serves no purpose. To effect change you must rise above it all and come from a place of love, compassion, kindness and non-judgement.

You must change the energy in order to change the world.

You cannot create something new from the old energy. Many who have preceeded you have spoken of this: “Change your thoughts and you change your world” was said by Norman Vincent Peale. “The world can only change from within.”, Eckhart Tolle. “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” Mahatma Gandhi.

You see, they and others have understood what it takes to change the world. You do not do it from the energy of hate, frustration, judgement, or anger.

You must change your attitude in order to create a shift in the consciousness of the world. This is your challenge and what is being asked of you during these times. Love is the answer to almost all of your questions.

Secondly, is the issue of control. You are currently experiencing what it is like to be very controlled. The question is, how to respond.

When people are afraid, they often respond by trying to control. There are several things happening on your planet right now that are causing people to respond to threats of all kinds from fear. There is so much that people are feeling they cannot control so they try harder. From shutdowns, to angry responses to withdrawing, to anxious responses and quick backbiting comments to other inappropriate responses, humans are getting more and more hyper in their ways of responding to outside control.

We call this situation a fear frenzy on your planet. Yes, there is a virus world wide. From our vantage point we see there has been an overreaction to it but that has been driven from a place of fear in order to control others. There is a group of beings who seek power through manipulation of the public through fear. They are experts at this as fear is easy to incite and an excellent way to manipulate in order to get what one wants.

If you do not mind having your life controlled, then this message is not for you. But if you prefer freedom, and a life lived from strength and Truth, then read on.

It is time for you to release your fear on all levels for this is what is keeping you imprisoned, caged, locked up and locked out of living. It is your fear that is locking you down. To release your fear is to free you from the dictates of others. We are not suggesting mass insurrection, no. We are suggesting that you approach life with Trust in the Divine who supports the values of The Light. When enough of you come to your senses and reclaim your center, things will then shift. When you stop believing in fear based “facts” and “stories”, you will reclaim your power.

The Master Buddha once said, “Fear does not prevent death. It prevents life.” Fear is an emotion and like all emotions it is neither good nor bad. Emotions are gifts to humanity to inform, to guide, to teach but when a human holds onto an emotion for too long, the emotion becomes toxic and hurtful to the one who is holding on to it.

Our suggestion is for each human to evaluate which emotion is no longer serving him/her and to release it. Easier said than done, we realize this. There are many ways in which to deal with toxic emotions and beyond the scope of this message. It is up to each individual to find her/his own way to release a toxic emotion, in this case we are talking specifically about fear for we see fear distorting reality and imprisoning humans in a cage of their own making.

Beloveds, we speak to you from a place of love. We might appear at times to be harsh. We are here to assist you in the unfoldment of your own consciousness and ultimately that of the planet itself. We give you information, and suggestions, that we believe will help you in this task. As always, take what resonates for you and use it. And leave the rest. If something does not ring true for you, then it is not part of your Truth. That is your reality. And all is well. But if these messages speak to you at any level, we send them to you with our love in hopes they will assist you in uplifting both your spirit and your soul.

Blessings to you always. May the Light fill, surround and protect you. We send our love.

Messages from Heaven #21

Messages from Heaven #20

Greetings to all!

We are so excited to speak to you all today. The world is lightening up quickly and many many more of you have awakened since our last transmission, turning towards the Light, embodying the Light, working for the Light.

Our work behind the scenes has been intense but for you it has been almost unbearable. Thankfully, that is shifting as the world’s energy is shifting upwards thanks to your commitment to the upliftment of the collective consciousness. We can liken this process to trying to learn to walk as a baby. You get up, you fall, you get up, you fall, over and over but you never quit trying. Finally you make those tentative first steps. Again you fall. Again you rise. Over and over until you are actually walking, then running. Your status right now is you are just about to learn to run with the unfoldment of the consciousness rising. In other words, things are speeding up in their unfoldment!

It might be helpful to remember the 100th monkey theory in which you learned that it takes a certain number of people to believe and be engaged before things shift. This is where you are. The number has been reached so the awakening will now accelerate. We do not say it will be easy. No. This process will still have its challenges but just as in learning to walk, you will fall less and less, get up more quickly, as time goes on.

Beloveds, we are so proud of you and how hard you each have worked. You have each found your own path to consciousness and the freeing of it. Well done! Heaven is indeed pleased at your progress and patience.

We encourage you to try to shift your negative thoughts to the positive for the time is ripe to achieve the dreams of your heart. As long as you are doing it from a place of integrity we encourage you to think, act and speak from a positive place. We encourage you to drop accusations, negative thinking, negative speaking, negative actions. This just slows down the progress of the collective as well as your own way forward. It will keep you stuck and this is a period of expansion which you will want to do in order to create a life of positivity.

The time is now for expansion in both your personal lives and in the lives of the whole. The Earth has waited a long time for this opportunity to ascend and you who are reading this transmission will feel the truth of why you are here working on this as part of your life’s mission. It is a great honor to be a part of this and you are appreciated for your participation in this grand expression of the expansion of consciousness.

We leave you today with these thoughts: stay in integrity as you continue to help the Light uplift and support the ascension process. Remove negativity in all its forms. LOVE YOUR SELF AND EACH OTHER. Let go of judgement of yourself and others. Embrace compassion and joy for your self and others. This is a time that has never been before. Understand that your participation in this process has been a gift to you and your presence has been a gift to the Universe.

Blessings to you all. Peace and joy to you all. May the Light continue to fill and support you. And remember, LOVE IS ALL THERE IS. Amen.

Messages from Heaven #21

Messages from Heaven #13

How to navigate a fearful world.

It is amazing how much fear has taken over the world. This is a natural reaction to the change that is happening in the unseen world. We are shifting from 3D to 5D so everyone’s vibration is having to adjust. In this process, as we shed our old energetic selves and absorb our new energy, it can cause a reaction of fear because we feel so vulnerable. It is a time when one can feel naked, exposed, without protection. Liken this to that period of time when you step out of your shower but before you have dried off and put your clothes on. You are naked, cold, unprotected and reach for the towel first, your clothes second. Only then do most people feel “safe” or “protected” enough to venture out into the world. Most people are not comfortable being wet, cold and unclothed. Most people would not want to be see without hiding behind their clothes, their makeup, their carefully coiffed hair. Most people do not want to be seen in their nakedness and may we say we do not blame you one bit! But we assure you, you are always protected and cared for no matter what your condition.

We are noticing that your Media is part of the plan to confuse and frighten. We also notice that many of you have awoken to that reality as you simultaneously raise your vibrations. The process is much like when you actually awaken from a dream. You have been living in a dream, an unreality. But as your vibration rises, so does your awareness. Many, many of you are in the middle of this Awakening. We believe we have spoken to you before about this.

In a world that is dominated by fear everything becomes distorted and people begin to imagine strange things and lose sight of what is really true. Imaginations run wild and rumors fly. It is easy in an atmosphere of fear to plant rumors, lies, untruths, and they grow and spread wildly. People lose their sense of security and there are those among you who so enjoy spreading these untruths. They love spreading fear because they themselves are fearful and they want your company. Or they enjoy confusing the populace to further their own agenda of power and greed. Or they enjoy keeping you asleep and full of fear for it gives them an immense sense of security and power and control.

For those of you who are feeling secure and in a place of peace this is particularly threatening to those who wish to control and manipulate. The fear mongers seek to pull you into their own level of denser and darker energy. This isn’t evil as much as energy run amuck. Although there are those who have evil intentions, most of the fear mongering is merely people who have fallen into the darker, denser energies and who cannot seem to get out of them. These people have different motivations. Some really do seek a better world but most are caught up in the third dimensional goals based on greed and the notion that there is not enough of anything to go around. May we remind you this is a totally false notion. There is more than enough of everything to go around. Soon you will see this manifesting. Just wait until you see what is coming. We believe it will bring you much Joy.

It is up to those of you who are way showers , warriors of light or light workers or whatever you want to label these more conscious beings to change the trajectory of reality. It is up to you to stand strong in the Light, in Truth and in Peace. It is important because by doing so you become like a light house and all those people who are living in fear are like the ships on the wild seas and it is your Light that will guide them back to a safe harbor and back to a place of Peace and Truth. and a place of Well Being. YOU are the ones chosen to lead the way for others to follow. This is no small feat and we thank you for your service to us all.

It is extremely important for each of you to remain calm, lift your vibration, remain in the Light and stay out of fear for you are the Ones who will guide others to safety, and security. You are the Ones who will help them lift their vibrations so they will also be free from fear. Remember who you are. Remember the Source of your Light. Remember the Peace that is your God given right. Remember the Light that shines within you. Remember how far that Light can spread. Re-member. Re-member. Re-member. Awaken and Shine Your Light Brightly so that those who are still sleeping can Awaken and join us on this process of Ascension.

And beware of those who continue to speak from fear. These are not the way showers. These are the remnants of the old 3 dimensional world. They are not filled with Truth but with the desire to control you, manipulate you to their own greedy ends, and to destroy the new world that is emerging. Be discerning. Listen closely. Those who seek your well being will be positive and uplifting. Those who do not seek your well being will continue to speak from a fear based reality and try to scare you into submission.

Rise up. Take back your own sovereignty. Allow the New World to emerge and bring others to it. The time is now. The time for action is Now.

How to Wisely Navigate Expansion and Contraction

Every corny thing that’s said about living with nature – being in harmony with the earth, feeling the cycle of the seasons – happens to be true.
Susan Orlean

Man in rainbow light and stars
I just love how the Universe works.

While coaching a colleague in the art of reinventing herself, we started talking about the natural phasing the Universe uses everywhere – from outer space to flowering plants.

This phasing is like our breath. We have to take it in before we expel it, and, conversely, we have to expel it before we can take it in. Expansion, contraction; in, out; energy outward, energy inward.

It is a rule of the Universe: before anything can expand, it needs the phase of contraction to gather in the energy. Once gathered in, it can build up enough energy to expand.

Despite the gorgeousness of this cycle, frustration can accompany each phase. But there are also gifts that emerge from that frustration.

Contraction In the contracting phase we often feel that things are stuck, that we want things to move more quickly, that we aren’t getting things accomplished.

This is when we need to look at the gifts that contraction brings. It gives us time to rest; to research; to read for pleasure; to enjoy time with family and friends; to nurture ourselves with massages, good homemade foods and activities that make us happy.

Expansion In the expansion phase we often feel exhilarated and excited because things are moving quickly, the flow is working, the time moves fast and so do we.

Frustration might arise because we can’t keep up with ourselves, we don’t have time for family and friends, we have trouble finding the time to nurture ourselves and our souls.

This is when we look to the gifts that expansion brings. It brings us that exhilaration, excitement and encouragement that fuels our creativity. It expands our work, our reach, our mission. It allows us to meet new people, learn new things, be exposed to a wider range of experiences.

Both phases have their rewards and challenges. One is not better than another, rather each calls out to be celebrated as its own unique gift to us.

Your Invitation
I invite you to determine which phase you are in and turn the frustrations into gifts so that you can enjoy and relish each phase for the rewards it brings.

We may as well make friends with these phases because they happen over and over again.


Scales of Judgement No More!



I have come upon an amazing discovery lately that you have perhaps already come upon!  It has to do with judgement, that nasty thing that has followed me all the days of my life, or lives as the case may be.  I am pretty good about not judging those around me, but I beat myself up terribly.  I would never treat another person as poorly as I treat myself.

I also make judgements about disease, poverty, squalid living conditions, bad weather, laziness, and some other things that do nothing to better the world.  Ever since I was little I have not wanted people to suffer in any way, so I made judgements about those who were old, infirm, poor, diseased etc.

But what I have come to realize is, things just are.  It is judgement that makes things good or bad.  For example, there is a huge outcry right now about people who have money.  Well, having money is neither good nor bad.  Money in itself is neither good nor bad.  It is what we do with money, or how we view it that makes it good or bad.  There are plenty of people with lots of money who do not handle money with consciousness but there are also plenty who do.  Do you watch PBS?  Think of all the foundations and private donors who make that possible.  Did you go to college?  There are plenty of donors who gave money for the infrastructure, to endow scholarships and chairs, or who just contribute to their academic, arts and sports programs.

My point is, we need money to function in this third dimension we are living in.  But in and of itself, money is neutral and so is everything, yes everything, else.  It is our judgements that make things right, wrong, good, bad, safe, unsafe etc.

The worst judgement I have I reserve to beat myself up with every day.  EVERY DAY!  What a waste of energy!  I have spent 60 years, that is roughly 21,900 days, telling myself I am too fat.  Imagine that.  I could have been funneling all that energy into something that would actually build up or enhance the world around me.

Here’s the thing.  Since I turned 6 years old I have been on some diet of some kind most every day.  I am still overweight.  So diets don’t work or I would be so thin you couldn’t see me.  If I had to guess I would say I’ve gained and lost at least 1,000 pounds in my life.  Maybe more.  It’s been the focus of every day of every year of my life.

What my doctor finally said to me was so profound and something I had never even considered.  I am paraphrasing here but here is his message:  What if God made you this way for a purpose?  What if that purpose was to tamper vanity?  What if you focus instead on how healthy you are instead of what you don’t have?  What if you were thin but had a disease?  Diantha, get a grip.  You are one of the healthiest patients I have.  You have such a great life.  You eat healthfully, you feel good, you are so lucky!  Get over yourself!  ( He was not quite so straightforward but basically this is what he told me.  I was in the middle of yet another diet program and not loosing weight.  In my frustration I discovered this amazing truth:  my judgement on my weight was consuming me.  It was time to focus on my good health and all the blessings I have!)

I am saying this to you because you are my witness that from this moment, THIS MOMENT, on, I am laying down my judgement on this matter.  It has been a heavy burden to carry.  I refuse to carry it one more second.  I am releasing my judgement on this issue and then I will work on releasing any judgements I still hold about other things.

The Tao teaches us that judgements don’t serve humanity at all.  They are held in the brain.  It is when we live from our hearts that they disappear, and then things can really shift.  I am willing to move into this kind of consciousness because I want things to be better on this planet, and I am one who, in judging myself so harshly, is holding us back.

Won’t you join me in releasing judgements from your life too?  I need your support and help in this and together we can lighten our loads, and move the planet forward at the same time.


Wishing us all luck and blessings, and the final release from judgements.