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“drinks under a microscope from DeMilked.com”

A few weeks ago on DeMilked, I saw the most amazing colorful presentation of what cocktails look like under a microscope. I thought you might want to take a peek at what I found to be a fascinating look at how colors show up in what we drink.


If you have read many of my articles or books, you will know that one of the things I suggest when we need more of color is to ingest it. For example, when we need more red we could eat more red apples, red meat, red wine, beets, red skinned potatoes and so on. Could we be on the verge of discovering a new way of bringing color in here?


Personally, I don’t drink much. My body is just too sensitive for it, and my teacher taught me that drinking and doing readings do not mix. But I have nothing against drinking per se, unless it is overdone. Still, I found these colors mesmerizing and beautiful and an art form into itself.


Enjoy this! I think you will!   http://www.demilked.com/alcoholic-cocktails-under-the-microscope/

2014 Color of the Year


paint fanEach December Pantone announces the color of the year.  We’ve had Tangerine Tango, Emerald, Honeysuckle, Turquoise, and Yellow in recent years and this year, 2014, the color of the year is:

Radiant Orchid 

 Pantone’s Color of the Year is based on a plethora of criteria, from social events to movies to the art scene to world events and fashion.

Radiant Orchid is a gorgeous color that speaks to many aspects of our lives because it is a complex color made up of many: fuchsia, pink and purple. And each of those is made up of many.

In my book Simply Color I talk about primary, secondary and tertiary colors. The three colors used for the creation of Radiant Orchid are tertiary colors, the combination of a primary with a secondary color.

Fuchsia Fuchsia, which in my book is called Magenta, is created using the primary color of red with the secondary color of purple.  Fuchsia is about seeing the beauty in the details of life, in every facet of life, in every part of nature and connecting with the Divine spark of life in every living thing.

Pink Pink is about the feminine side of life, the motherly aspect of unconditional love and the connection of everyone into the concept of the oneness of life. It is made from adding white to the primary color red. White reflects all the colors, so is highly complex.

Purple Purple represents the spiritual aspect of life, healing, transformation and even transmutation. It is created from two primaries: red and blue, together creating a secondary color.

Radiant Orchid speaks to healing, unconditional and Divine love, and transformation.

It is the perfect color to carry us forward in our quest to create a new way of being on this planet – one based in love and the concept that we are all one. Healing, it moves us from the old to embracing a new way of being: our transition from the patriarchy to a society that beautifully and lovingly blends feminine and masculine energies. It represents, and carries us into, transformation, to a world that is different from the one we now have.

Welcome, Radiant Orchid! We welcome your loving, transforming, healing energy to the world!

To find out more about Radiant Orchid, visit the Pantone website.