Rainbows, Leprechauns and GREEN


Since St. Patrick’s day is associated with green, tell me what you think of when you think of that color. Is it nature? Money? Being green with envy? Green beer?

All of those associations go along with green. It is also the color of the heart, of making decisions, and of your life’s path. It is the color of balance in the chakra system being made of a warm color (yellow) and a cool color (blue), and lies midway between the first and last 3 chakras.

How will you be using green this month? In my hometown of Chicago where everyone claims to be Irish on St Patrick’s Day, the river is dyed green, and green beer is served everywhere. There are Irish jigs heard round the city and brogues are thick. I’ve never seen a “greener” celebration but perhaps you have. Send me a photo of the one in your area!

Enjoy March, the color of green, of rainbows, and of Color Therapy Month!