Color for Our Time


I’m not sure but I would bet that anyone you ask might believe that the world seems to be upside down, things are not what they seem, and chaotic might be a word they would use to describe the current state of the world.

Indeed, these are “interesting times” from the ancient  “Chinese curse” we have all heard about for years. (In case you are not familiar with that old saw, the ancient “Chinese curse” is “May you live in interesting times.”)

I’ve been thinking a lot about how the colors might help sort things out for us, how they might supporus, and how they might lead us through these challenging times. Color for our time is an amazing support for us, colors are always with us, and color can ultimately help us negotiate troubled waters and get to a place of smoother sailing.

Let’s examine all the chakra colors to see how they become “colors for our time”:

RED: This color is so necessary for us to use to remain grounded and to fuel our energy. If you are one of the way-showers, a person who is here to bring more light to the planet, then it is imperative to remain grounded in the earth in order to manifest your destiny. It is necessary to be grounded in order to manifest anything at all, and necessary to keep our center strong, and full of energy. Red is also a fuel for our energy and a color we can use to activate our intentions.

ORANGE: We also need a strong container to hold our energy and intentions. Without a container, the energy leaks away and has no focus, much like water without a pipe or hose or container of some sort. It will just ebb away. Orange helps us with creating and maintaining boundaries. Those boundaries are imperative if we are to manifest our destiny at this time.

YELLOW: A color that radiates, happiness, yellow helps bolster our spirits. More than that, though, yellow helps us focus, helps us remember, and helps us “digest” all that is going on. IT helps with assimilation of all sorts and right now we must be nimble and cogent around each situation.

GREEN: The color of the heart, green helps us remain seted in our heart center. the more we can act from this place, the better the world will be. We must rid ourselves of the hate, the disrespect of others who think differently than we do, the anger and righteous indignation that reigns supreme so often in our lives. Coming back to the heart center we will be better able to listen to others, to listen to our own wisdom, and to discern where the truth lies.

BLUE: More than any other color, blue is the color of peace and trust. We need both very much right now. Most of us yearn deeply for peace. We yearn for leaders whom we can trust. We yearn for a world where love can prevail over hate, where discernment is used before judgment, where peace is the goal rather than greed and power. These qualities all lie within the domain of blue.

INDIGO: We can use indigo to help us with the inward focus on ourselves, clearing us to more acceptance, more understanding and forgiveness, more spiritually based thoughts and actions. It also helps with dream work and many believe that in today’s world we are being guided through our dreams, and understanding them is of utmost importance. (Note to readers: I would personally add yellow when using indigo for dream work as yellow helps with both clarity and assimilation.)

PURPLE: The color for transitions and transformations, we can use purple to help us move forward to a world we only dream of today. This is where the magic lies and we can employ purple to create the changes for a more stable, heart centered, peace loving world.

HOW DO WE USE THE COLORS? There are so many ways to bring color into your daily life easily and most are without cost. You can wear it, breathe it, create bubbles of color protection with your intention and visualization, use essential oils/flower essences/gem elixirs, use accessories in clothing/jewelry/home and office, vases of flowers, pots of flowers and plants, gems and stones, and many other ways. In addition I have created a full line of color sprays that are a very easy and inexpensive way to use color eliminating all guesswork on your part. Click here to read more….

And to find out what each color can do, click here and then click on each color to read about its own qualities and how to work with each complementary color.

For tons of tips on how to use color from the perspective of 25 professionals plus myself see Simply Color for Everyday Living.

Turning to the Rainbow Chakra colors as the Colors of Our Time will bring you support, guidance, and help with transitions and changes. It is using the gift of the Rainbow that nature has given us in order to make the transitions that are occuring on the planet at this moment in time.

Enjoy the colors. Namaste.

Diantha has studied color intensely for over 30 years from several different aspects including art, art history, religions, philosophies, energy work, feng shui, healing systems using color, interior design, flower essences, gem elixirs, essential oils, gems and stones. She continues to learn as she teaches, writes and speaks about her beloved world of color. Believing that color is both subtle and powerful, gentle and effective, Diantha also believes color is a gift from the Divine, another gift given us from the nature kingdom for us to use for support, change, and the unfoldment of conscious living. The author of 3 books, you can peruse her new book, Simply Color for Everyday Living on her website and receive many free offerings.


How to Go from Stuck to Full Speed Ahead



I love the benefits one receives as one ages. Things that used to upset me no longer do. Our perspective changes to reveal an amazing unfoldment of life that could only have been designed by a Higher Power/God/Supreme Being/Source or whatever you choose to call it. So many things have become clear as a bell, confusion taking a back seat. And one truth has revealed itself making my life so full and wonderful: A grateful heart is an open heart. An open heart allows us to welcome in good relationships, good experiences and a happier life.

So many of my earlier years were spent experiencing angst over crazy things. I worried about so many things that ended up being inconsequential or things that worked themselves out perfectly, even though I didn’t think so at the time. But with the perspective that time can give you, things ended up perfectly perfect.

A dear friend of mine recently shared about a workshop she attended and they were asked as part of the workshop to start each day writing down things they were grateful for. She told me it was making a huge difference in her life. They were not to repeat things day after day but rather find new things to write down. And she had not had a bit of trouble finding new things every day.

This was a new twist on the gratitude practice which by now has become a well honed habit for me. So I began to try it and by gum, she is right. Once you dive into this practice it is simple to find new things every day to be thankful for.

Another friend said we also have to be thankful for those things that aren’t so great but that lead us to a new understanding, or a new experience or a new perspective. And she is right as well. Being thankful for our challenges is harder, much harder, but a great practice. I have found that giving thanks for problems, worries and challenges, while hard, helps to lighten them somehow and I often find I see new opportunities within them as I bless them and say a humble “thank you”.

There is much written about gratitude these days but how grateful are you? What is your gratitude practice and how faithful are you to it? Do you give thanks only when things go your way? Or are you able to accept your troubles as teachers and way finders?

Understanding the power and wisdom of a gratitude practice will lead you to a new reality. If you don’t do it already, begin each day with a litany of things you give thanks for that day. And continue throughout the day as you recognize your blessings, however small. I promise you your life will change.




“Gratitude is an opener of locked up blessings.” ~ Marianne Williamson


“Most of the greatest speeches I have ever given, have been in the dedicated silence of my actions.” ~ Steve Maraboli


“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” ~unknown


“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.” ~Meister Eckhart


“Praise the bridge that carried you over.” ~George Colman


“The struggle ends when the gratitude begins.” ~Neale Donald Walsch


“If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. It will change your life mightily.” ~Gerald Good


Change Your Thoughts

change your thoughts

change your thoughts

I read a Casey Research article the other day about how the energy of laughing is so good for us.

You may have heard of laughing clubs and laughter yoga, which are based on the concept that laughter decreases stress and helps promote wellbeing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Article author David Galland, Managing Director of Casey Research, describes his experience at a laughter event where the hosts demonstrated the importance of filling our thoughts and minds with good thoughts via the “garbage in, garbage out” concept.

Event organizers played clips of a comedy until everyone was rolling with laughter, then they played the first scene of Saving Private Ryan, which showed the devastation experienced by soldiers in the first wave of the invasion of Normandy. As attendees watched the brutal war scenes, the mood in the room shifted downward rapidly. Mr. Galland writes:

One minute, having just seen the comedic clip, I remember feeling light and happy, the world full of promise and posies and all that, and the next, feeling deeply sad, all the light sucked from the room, as well as one’s very soul.

The point was made, and made well, namely that we are what we think about – and what we think about is hugely influenced by the stimuli we expose ourselves to. Maybe depressed people don’t gravitate to depressing books and movies – but are actually depressed by their choice of media. … Just a thought.

That same day I read a similar message in Wayne Dyer’s book Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. This book is based on his yearlong study of the Chinese classic text Tao Te Ching by philosopher Lao Tzu.

In Dyer’s exploration of the thirtieth verse of the Tao, which he titles “living without force,” he quotes the verse, shares his understanding of it, and closes with a paragraph titled “Do the Tao Now.”

In the thirtieth verse Lao Tzu writes that we must not battle but endeavor to prevent conflicts and war, and Dyer’s “Do the Tao Now” reads:

In line with altering the way you look at the world, today change every television channel and radio station that presents an image or audio of the use of force or violence. Then increase that “no tolerance” policy to include movies, videos, and games that have beating, homicides, and chase scenes.

I did this years ago because I cannot bear to watch anything with violence or anything scary. I always felt I was a coward, but now I am finding it was my spirit taking care of me. According to the Academy Awards I miss a lot of “great” movies, but what I don’t miss is the feeling I get from watching anything negative.

I don’t listen to loud, jarring music either. My ears and body are sensitive to harsh sounds; I cannot physically do it. I once saw pictures of what heavy metal music does to water molecules, and I was amazed how depressive that music is and how it disorganizes the energy field.

Since we are made up of about 60 percent water, and since our brains are made up of about 70 percent water, it only makes sense to bring into the body vibrations that support rather than hinder us. You can see for yourself by checking out the video on The Work of Masaru Emoto.

When I saw both of these messages in one day I thought it was time to write about the importance of being aware that what we put into our bodies through our mouths, ears and eyes has an immense impact on who we are and how we feel.

If this resonates with you, maybe you want to turn off the TV programs that celebrate our lesser natures and turn to something more edifying, like laughter.

I’m not asking you to deny the way things are, or to ignore what is going on, but I believe that if more of us turn to light and laughter, fewer of us are likely to turn to war, murder, mayhem and destruction. Wouldn’t that be awesome, to be part of building a world dedicated to peace and wellbeing!

It’s all our choice and within our power. Which path are you choosing?