Anthology of Color Coming Soon!


Pantone Nylon Neons

Pantone Nylon Neons


Raise your hand if you think I adore color. Yes! You are right! I am a lover of color and use it enthusiastically in my personal, professional and spiritual lives.


It has been my distinct pleasure to have written a book about color and healing, Simply Color. I am happy to report it is still selling well 10 years after its publication. I hadn’t thought about writing another book until this spring, when I had the urge to update my book.


As I started the process I realized this would be no easy task. It felt cumbersome, and what I wanted to communicate didn’t fit in anywhere.


And then a friend asked, “Have you thought about writing a whole new book?”


A light bulb went on. Of course! I had been going about this all wrong! Not only that, this was going to be a book much bigger than I could create on my own. Much meatier, and much more interesting. 

This new book would highlight the works of many people, encouraging readers to bring color into their work and their lives to help support, empower and transform them, enhancing their creativity and inspiring them, in turn, to create more ways of using color.


After that, the energy for the book flowed strongly. What had seemed an insurmountable task became a joy. I am so excited for the collaboration of creative minds in this creation. And I can’t wait for it to be unveiled to you!


And now the work is moving forward as one by one the submissions arrive and as I do my own writing.


I’ll keep you posted on the status of the book. Meanwhile, know that it is in process, and that this smorgasbord of color stories will soon be available for you to savor.