There are a lot of articles and books being written lately about gratitude which is a good thing.  So why is it that so many people complain and gripe about their lives?  I do not exclude myself from this although I am far better at taking a gripe and turning it into gratitude than I used to be.

My fabulous husband and I just got home from an evening out with a dear friend who is European by birth.  Her father was in Auschwitz during WWII.  She came here to the USA with $20 in her pocket, no job, and unable to speak English.  From there she has worked her way up to being a multi-millionaire.  Her life has been full of challenges and tragedies and things that didn’t work out.  It has also been full of hard work, achievement, and financial benefits from all that hard work.

What is so cool about this lady is she never ever complains.  She is always thinking of ways to help others, ways to make her life better, ways to promote others, ways to network and raise up everyone around her, including our little waitress tonight from Romania.  She took the time to talk to her and gave her her cell number so she could introduce her to some kids her age so she wouldn’t be so lonely.  Our friend remembers what it is like to be in a foreign country at a young age knowing no one.

She spent the whole evening talking about new plans for a new project, about her son and his plans, about how she is going to introduce to this person and that person and why she wants to make those connections.  We both came home with a warm glow being with someone who is so positive, kind, generous and yes, full of gratitude.

She could just as easily be whining about why life didn’t treat her better, why things didn’t get handed to her, etc. etc. etc.  But she doesn’t.  I hope that I can be like her, always looking at the bright silver lining in every cloud, and exploding into rainbows of joy when things unfold.  Gratitude begets gratitude begets gratitude and soon our whole lives will be brimming with joy!

Seems to me we could all use a big dose of gratitude these days when things seem so challenging.  I think I will choose gratitude today over despair, worry, frustration, anger, and any other negative emotion that comes my way.