Quarterly Subscription

NOW BY POPULAR DEMAND! Thanks to you, we now offer a subscription series for your convenience. Instead of remembering to replace your well-used sprays, we will send you replacement bottles every 3 months. How cool is THAT?

  • 2 sprays every quarter: $47.00 10% savings!
  • 3 sprays every quarter: $65.00 Over 15% in savings!
  • 4 sprays every quarter: $77.00 Like getting 1 bottle free!

Packages Available or Create Your Own!

  • Wellbeing: Wellbeing, Wellness, Rainbow
  • Prosperity: Gold, Prosperity, Synchronicity, Red
  • Romantic Relationship: Love and Passion, Pink, Green
  • Energy: Red, Wood, Fire
  • Focus: Yellow, Metal
  • Manifesting: Red, Fire, Yang
  • Grief and Letting Go: Purple, Water, Green
  • Release: Water, Blue, Gold
  • Communication: Blue, Turquoise, Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Relaxation: Yin, Blue
  • Family: Kinship, Children and Creativity, Green
  • Space Clearing: Green, Pink, White

Milestones, Ceremonies, Transitions & More…

Simply Color Sprays can be a powerful addition to ceremonies of all kinds. Consider giving them as gifts at a wedding, baptism or birth of a baby, graduations, retirement gifts or during any change, transition or milestone.

Some suggestions include:

  • RED: ceremonies involving the concepts of courage and sacrifice. For example: joining the military, becoming a spiritual leader, etc.
  • ORANGE: during times of trauma and swift changes such as DIVORCE, NATURAL DISASTERS, MOVING, ILLNESS etc.
  • YELLOW: use when a child enters a new grade in school and during the year to augment the assimilation of knowledge, or to celebrate any joyous occasion.
  • GREEN: for changes of any kind such as a new job, a new home, graduations. Can also be used for homesickness or a change of residence.
  • BLUE: for speaking or teaching. To create a peaceful atmosphere.
  • INDIGO/PURPLE: to celebrate and commemorate anything of a spiritual nature such as baptisms, memorials or religious holidays. For yoga or meditation classes. For letting go/funerals. Use before a client session to help you attune to their energies.
  • WHITE: for weddings.
    WHITE and PINK: for a girl’s birth or a coming of age celebration
  • WHITE and BLUE: for a boy’s birth or coming of age celebration
  • RAINBOW: to celebrate life and our connection to the Divine essence within us all. As a general infusion of gentle supportive energy into any occasion.

Create Your Own Subscription…

Let me know which bottles you would like to have shipped automatically to you every quarter. Select the 2-3 or 4 bundle package and receive your sprays every 3 months. You’ll never run out of your favorites again!

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