How to Use Sprays

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How to use Essential Oil Sprays

The essential oils in each spray are carefully matched with what each color (if you’re using a Simply Color spray) or feng shui tenent (if you’re using a Feng Shui spray) brings to us.

When you mist one of the sprays around your body, three of four times with each use, the essential oils in each formula enter your limbic system via your sense of smell, influencing your limbic system, your nervous system and every organ and every cell in your body.

The qualities of the color or the feng shui tenet will stay with you for hours, assisting you, supporting you and nurturing you.

Each formula has been carefully crafted and tested, and is especially bottled for each order, expanding its shelf life by doing so. The entire process from beginning to end is conscious, intentional and loving, and we feel each spray is a gift to its rightful owner.

How to use the sprays

Below is a comprehensive discussion of ways to use the sprays in your home; on the move; at work; for children and elderly; teachers, holistic practitioners, therapists; for pets and plants.

In Your Home (general)

* Spray three or more times into a bowl of spring water and let it evaporate. This is a good method to use in your office or while you sleep. After a few hours you may want to refresh the water with a few more sprays. Use your judgment for how often to refresh.

* Spray onto your pillow and let it work while you nap or sleep.

* Spray onto your hands and rub the bottoms of your feet, allowing the oils to penetrate your body through the nerve endings in your feet. You can also rub your hands together; however, the benefit of putting the essential oil mixture on your feet is that your feet remain covered throughout the day, but you will wash your hands several times, diluting the effect of the oils.

* Spray onto a facial tissue and keep it close to your face, tucking it into your collar or anywhere nearby.

* Spray a few squirts into your paint when you paint the interior or exterior of your home or office.

In Your Home (cleaning and space clearing)

* Put a few sprays into your laundry before you wash your clothes and linens. Great for sheets and towels!

* Spray into your bucket of water for any type of cleaning: windows, floors, walls.

* Use the sprays for space clearing. The green and white sprays are especially effective. Follow by using the spray of your choice. Good overall choices are Rainbow, Pink, Wellness and Wholeness.

In Your Home (showers and baths)

* Spray six or more times into your bathwater to get both topical and nasal receptors involved

* Or spray into the shower and breathe it in the mist while you shower.

On the Move

* Spray the interior of your car. The support will be with you as you drive to work, do your errands and drive carpools. What mother wouldn’t want to spray some Blue in her car if she is about to drive a carload of loud youngsters around! Or if you are driving a carload of crabby adults, spray some Orange to bring some light and joy into the mix. For all around support, spray some Wellness or Rainbow and see if your car riders just feel better.

* Use the combination of Yin and Yang when you travel. Yin helps relax you, and Yang helps energize. The two-ounce containers are the right size for your carry-on too!

* If you hate to fly, add in a Blue spray, which helps relax your body and mind.

At Work

* Spray three or more times into a bowl of spring water and let it evaporate. This is a good method to use in your office or while you sleep. After a few hours you may want to refresh the water with a few more sprays. Use your judgment for how often to refresh.

* Use the sprays to support space clearing in your office

* Add a few squirts to the paint when your office is redecorated.

* To unite group energies, use Pink or Orange sprays.

* Before a conference, spray the Blue around the room.

* Before a speech, use Turquoise around your body before a speech.

* Bring in the support, or aspect of support, you need by spraying Spray your Fulfillment and Success (career), Prosperity and Empowerment, Fame and Reputation, Belonging and Happy Coincidences (helpful people) or Wisdom and Knowledge in your office to bring in the support you need for these aspects of work.

* If you have a job that uses lots of creativity, use the Creativity and Joy spray or the Orange spray.

* If you work with energies from the past, as in historical societies and museums, use the Kinship spray for support.

For Children and Elderly

* For your children, mist a spray onto a small piece of fabric and let them carry the fabric with them in their pocket or backpack. The Children’s Set is bottled in plastic bottles so your children can use them by themselves. Children areextremely intuitive and will often know exactly which one they need.

* For people in the hospital or the elderly, you can spray onto a piece of fabric and tuck it under their pillow or somewhere near their bed. (Be sure to get permission for this if they are in a public facility.)

For Teachers, Holistic Practitioners, Therapists

The Children’s Set is particularly helpful for your young clients or anyone working with their childhood issues or their inner child

* Teachers are finding the sprays work well with their students for concentration and focus, to calm them down, to unify group energies.

* Boost for massages, Reiki, Healing Touch and any type of body work or physical therapy.

* Specific sprays support dealing with addictions, trauma, shock, depression, isolation and transitions.

For Pets and Plants

* Use around your pets. Using around pets can be harmful to the animal so it is best to spray into your hands in another room, and then rub a drop or two into their coat by petting them. Do not spray directly onto the animal or allow them to breathe in the mist. They will receive enough of the positive affect of the spray if you work with them as described here.

* Use around your living plants. Indoors and out, the sprays help provide support for all living things.

You can no doubt come up with others. Let me know any new ways you create so I can share them in the newsletter and in teleclasses. Please feel free to email me for more information on any of the above.