Yin & Yang Sprays

Duality. That is a reality of this world we live in. And what represents that duality more than Yin and Yang?

This handy duo will help support you in your flagging energies. Use YANG to refill your energy tank and help you when fatigue begins to take over and your day is not yet complete.

YIN will help you calm down, relax after a hectic day or when you are agitated or annoyed. Everyone needs this supportive duo to help adjust their energies to the task at hand whether that task be revving up or quieting down.

  • Great to use while traveling as you jump from time zone to time zone.
  • Wonderful to use in your bedroom for quieting down before bedtime, or filling your energy field before work.
  • Take it to your worksite to use during the day.
  • Use it while driving long distances.
  • Yin for meditation and yoga
  • Yang for Pilates and running
  • Endless uses and applications