Feng Shui Sprays

Simply Feng Shui Sprays

These wonderfully fragrant room sprays blend high-quality essential oils with the teachings of Pyramid Feng Shui. Simple, gentle, and extremely effective, they will support the changes you want to make in your life. Whether it’s impractical to rearrange your environment or you just want to amplify the positive changes you are making, these sprays can help!

Bagua Sprays:

Support your intentions for your home and life! Learn more about Bagua Sprays here

Element Sprays:

Support your growth, focus, stability, and creativity! Learn more about Element Sprays here

Yin/Yang Sprays:

Support your overall balance and harmony! Learn more about Yin/Yang Sprays here

Created in concert with Scents and Nonsense, Simply Feng Shui sprays combine the energy of a particular area or attribute with high-quality essential oils, specifically selected for their resonance with that attribute.

~ Due to the energetic nature of this product we are unable to accept returns or exchanges. Each bottle is poured for the individual recipient with intent and consciousness. If this is a gift, please advise us. Thank you.


Bagua Sprays

Element Sprays

Yin and Yang Sprays