There is a delightful little tale of two monks on a long journey through the countryside. These were monks who had taken a vow of celibacy and were to never be in the company of women, especially alone.

As they walked they chatted and quoted their holy texts to each other. They filled each other’s ears and souls with the tenets of their faith. As they approached the river, they came upon a young woman who was traveling alone. She could not swim and was terrified of crossing the river alone. The first monk walked past her, ignoring her plight and he plunged into the water and began to make his way across. The second monk, however, picked her up and carried her across, using his strength to assist her in her plight. 

On the far side of the river he carefully placed her back on her feet on dry land and she thanked him and continued on her journey waving to the monks as she walked downriver.

The two monks continued their journey, turning to walk upriver and thus they walked all day long. By the end of the day, the first monk, cheeks red as the sunset with suppressed anger, turned to his companion. 

“Brother,” he said, “you violated our vows by touching that woman and carrying her across the river. How could you have done that! I am so angry with you!”

The second monk look at his traveling companion and friend and answered him softly, saying, “Oh my dear Brother. I left that woman long ago down by the side of the river but you, my friend, have carried her with you all day.” 

I love this story because it reminds us that we need to release our burdens, our old emotions, our old beliefs, our old prejudices, our outgrown thoughts, and our rigid grasp on what we believe to be the only way to think/live/be.

How many of us are bogged down like the first monk with a tenacious grasp on something that is outmoded, or outdated? Beliefs that separate us from kindness and compassion? Thoughts that constrict our growth and our ability to connect with all of humanity?

How many of us are living in our own self constructed jail cells?

I had an awakening years ago in which I realized that the cell of my own thoughts turned out to be unlocked. There I was, scared, angry, totally turned inward with my thoughts and restricting beliefs. But after this awakening I realized that the door to my jail cell, although closed, was not locked, and that I had the ability to leave it at any time. I just had to wake up, release my hold on how I thought others should be, lay down my burden, and walk out the door. 

Ever since that turning point, my life has lightened up and has become so expanded and miraculous. Joy keeps filling me. The miracles keep happening. And I have never ever missed one moment in that self inflicted jail cell.

I hope you have enjoyed the tale of the two monks and that perhaps it will get you thinking about your own jail cell and how you might change your environment. Change can be scary and challenging and hard, but it is so worth freeing your self and your soul.

Lay down your burdens and be free. Blessings to you, dear friend.

“Even a rock moves on.” ~Anthony Liccione 

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“For Peace of Mind, resign as general manager of the Universe.” ~ Unknown

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