Essence of Teaching & Teamwork

Use TURQUOISE when you are feeling overburdened or responsibilities feel too heavy. If you are a teacher, this is a great color for you to use before you speak because it amplifies your message. And if you use the internet to communicate to many, as in a blog, using turquoise can help your message go even further. Any type of internet based work (web designers, bloggers, etc.) can be assisted by turquoise. It is also the color that represents dolphins, so it helps us live in community while at the same time promoting higher mind functions. Turquoise relates to issues of the immune system and to our skin as well. Great to use with or after facials or any skin or beauty treatment.

You have an imbalance of turquoise if you have difficulty living in community, or in communicating with the written word or teaching. Use its opposite, ORANGE, to rebalance turquoise.