Orange: Essence of Bliss and Creativity


Essence of Bliss & Creativity

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Essence of Bliss & Creativity

Your child needs ORANGE when they are seeking joy and bliss, when they want to be playful or creative, to enhance creativity, overcome codependency, addiction, trauma and abuse issues, or when they want to feel connected to others. This is a great essence for your child to use when you move to a new neighborhood. Use orange for your children during times of trauma and swift changes such as divorce, natural disasters, etc. An excellent spray to use with your child when they have an energy leak and when you are helping them build a strong container for their energy and soul.

Your child has too much orange if they abuse others or themselves, when they are inappropriately spontaneous or irresponsible, if they have issues with cheating on all levels, and when they have wild mood swings. You can counter this imbalance by adding BLUE to their lives.