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Are you looking for guidance and clarity in your life? Are you wondering about your job, your relationship, your family or a friend? Or perhaps you are looking for release and forgiveness for yourself or someone else?

These are examples of things that can slow you down, and block you from achieving your potential, your dreams. An Akashic Record Reading can help clarify your life path.

What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are referred to in all the major Sacred Texts as the Book of Life or the Book of Knowledge. Akasha means ethers in Sanskrit, and refers to a non-physical plane of existence. For Carl Jung, it was called the collective unconscious.

It acts as the central storehouse for the stories of the souls of all of us.

They are the story of your soul from its inception, through the present moment. Although they do not predict the future, they do hold the possibilities – the energy and probability – of the future. They differ from a psychic reading in that your Records are actually recorded in the Akasha and a Reader is trained to access that fine substance through the vibration of your name and the spoken word in the form of a prayer.

I always refer to the Records or Hall of Records as akin to a big library. Inside the library there are millions of file drawers. One of them is yours and your name is written on it. As the reader, I go into the library, look for your file drawer, and pull it open. Once it is opened, then you ask your questions and I shuffle through the file and find your answers.

With your free will, you can help create your future, release your past, and receive insights into your life. Once you have a grasp of the bigger picture, making decisions becomes easier; and the pathway to the future you want becomes unblocked.

Whether you’re struggling in a difficult relationship or feel scared about changing careers, the Akashic Records can shed light on your concerns. Every time you enter the Records, your vibration is raised, and more dross is released from your energy body. You leave feeling lighter, happier, and more at peace.

And yes, there ARE times when your questions are not answered…

  • If it is not time for you to know
  • If it is for your highest good to find the answer yourself, or
  • If it is not in your highest and best interest to know the answer.

Sometimes the answer will depend on how things will play out, because there is always, always free will involved, your free will and that of others in your life. So often the final outcome will depend on how things evolve. What the Records can do though is give you the highest probable outcome given your current actions and those of others.

A reading can give you any or all of the following:

  • Guidance
  • Forgiveness (of self and others)
  • A higher understanding of current or past events
  • Release
  • A feeling of peace and contentment
  • A letting go of judgement (of self and others)
  • A discovery of your gifts
  • Career path
  • Resolution of relationship issues
  • Understanding of health challenges
  • and many more.

When you are in the Records with a trained reader, your vibration will be raised and unnecessary dross will begin to be released. Over time, as you are in the Records, you will find your life improving along with your mental, emotional and spiritual levels. As such, it can be considered a tool for healing as well as enlightenment on your life’s issues.

How An Akashic Records Reading Works

For the reading, you will be asked to create a list of questions and once we are in, you can begin asking them. Examples of questions are:

  • Should I quit my job?
  • Does my husband still love me?
  • Should I move back to my home city?
  • How can I be a better mother?

You can bring any question that’s bothering you. We enter the Records with a prayer and your legal name, and we end with a prayer, sealing the reading with sacred intentions and creating a space for you where you are safe, protected, and at peace.

I don’t levitate, my head does not spin, and I do not go into a trance, so we have a normal conversation where you ask your questions. I receive the answers, and relay to you any images or words that come to me. These images and answers bring understanding to you. The answers to your questions become clear.

Your guides may take the reading in a direction we cannot foresee. You may ask a question and they begin to talk about something else. For instance, your question might be about your faith, and the guides may answer with a suggestion about your relationship with your children. Or you may ask about career moves, and the guides suggest moving to another location. We let the guides lead us as it is always for your highest good.

What To Expect From Your Akashic Records Reading

The answers you receive will be what you need to know, no more, no less. The answer may not be revealed if it is not time, or is not in your best interest. Or a partial answer may come with the advisory that the rest will reveal itself at a later date. I never know what they will say, how they will say it or what they will leave a mystery.

One thing is for sure: you always receive the messages you need to hear for your highest and best interests. The messages may be firm, but they are always loving and supportive. Your guides love you and they want the best for you. What you hear uplifts you and takes you to the next step in your life. I’ve never had a client come out of a reading without feeling better, and at peace. The Records are like that. They are supportive, wise, helpful, and kind.

“Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated the reading you did for me, and how much it has helped me. You have the most remarkable quality of making everyone feel so completely loved.” C.L. California

“Diantha, what can I say other than thank you from my heart. I feel so at peace with our reading. You opened a lot of channels in my heart and mind and I can literally feel the good energy brewing. You have such a dear and true gift and I feel soooooo blessed that you shared it with me.” – Dr. S. F. Florida

One more note: You may want to take notes as I don’t remember details following the reading. Once we are out, the details fade away for me so if you call me two days later and ask me “What did they say about…..?” I will have no idea and you will not get your question answered.

About Your Akashic Records Reader

Diantha has trained for three years with Linda Howe, the lead teacher in the USA for Akashic Records Reading. Diantha started her first reading in 1997 and has helped over 200 clients find clarity in their life.

“I don’t know how you do it but your readings always make me feel so much better and bring me more clarity.” – M.S. Michigan

As you know, I have worked for years with various shamans and psychics, but of all these gifted beings who have helped me along the way, you are the most extraordinary, the one I totally trust, as you truly come from a pure, loving heart.” – M.S. Hawaii

Diantha, thank you for yet again hitting the nail on the head. I love your readings.” – GG, Macau

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To bring clarity to your life, book an appointment and create a list of questions you wish to have answered. Together, we spend one hour on the phone, in person or on Skype finding answers to your questions.

After the Reading, you feel lighter and emotionally more limber, as if you’ve had a real massage. Plus you’ll have gained the guidance and information you have been seeking.

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