Welcome to the month of gratitude and thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday of the year. I love the idea of being aware of all our blessings and giving thanks for them.
One of my many blessings is you all. I am so grateful to have so many lovely readers of this humble newsletter. Thank you. So on this note, I’d like to focus on a few customs from Japan that touch on the notion of gratitude and Thanksgiving.
First is the concept of kintsugi (keen-TSOO-gee). This is actually a Japanese form of art that celebrates what is broken. Who among us has not felt broken in one or more areas of our lives? What a devastating feeling that is. We can feel unworthy, ashamed, depressed, hopeless when we experience something that is broken in our lives. With kintsugi, the Japanese take the broken pottery and mend it with a lacquer which is then dusted with gold powder. The result is an object that might be even more beautiful than the original! What a concept. We take our brokenness, apply the lacquer of healing and transition, and sprinkle the powder of forgiveness and thus create something even better for ourselves than that which preceded the brokenness.
The second of our three concepts is Shikata go nai (shee-kah-tah gah NIGH), or letting go. We all have things that happen to us that take us by surprise: a rude gesture from someone in traffic who chooses you to unleash his frustration upon; missing a bus; not getting a job you thought was a shoe in; a slight from a person you thought was a friend…..these things happen with surprising and annoying regularity in our rushed, everyday lives. But the concept of Shikata go nai reminds us that so many things in life are beyond our control and often don’t have anything to do with us per se. The rude driver is rude because other things in his life are out of control, not about you. The missed bus is not about you but about a schedule that may be a bit on the early side. The job is not about your lack somewhere but may not be in your highest good no matter how much you want it and you are being saved from an inconvenient fate. Reminding ourselves that setbacks like these are beyond our control can help us move on without that stop in depression-land where we go if we feel we are being picked on by fate. It helps us lighten up and move on by letting go of the setback as something that just happened, making no judgement about it. Let it go. Ah. That feels so much better.
Our third concept is Itadakimasu (ee-tah-DAH-kee-ma-soo), or being grateful. This is akin to the grace we say before a meal. This practice reminds us to be grateful to everyone who had a hand in bringing this food to you from the farmer to the guy who drove the truck to the grocery distribution center to the young person who stocks the shelves to the cook who prepared the food for you to eat. It is a pause in our busy lives where we can be grateful, where we can take stock of the abundance in our lives. (Remember that abundance is not just about riches. We can be rich in friends, family, a job we love, a neighborhood where we feel supported, and in a million other ways.) We can take a look at what was once broken and is now more beautiful than before. We can let go in this moment of gratitude and let go of those little annoyances before they build up to “ruin” our day.
So in this month of thanks, perhaps you can take something from the Japanese culture and add something good to your life. Something that will make you feel so much more whole, so much more at peace, and so much more filled with abundant thought.
Sending each of you many blessings during this month of Thanksgiving.
*Special thanks to one of my cherished readers for information regarding these concepts.*

“Every positive thought is a silent prayer which will change your life.”

-​Bryant McGill


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The colors of gratitude and thanksgiving will start with Green, the color associated with the heart. Let’s add in some Pink for unconditional love, some Magenta for love from Above, Blue for communicating our gratitude, Orange to receive, and Rainbow for all the abundance in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving!

“​Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

Robert Louis Stevenson
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Thank you for being my readers. I am very grateful for you. Namaste……