Yes, I know.  I’ve been very quiet here on this blog lately.  It nags at me, “come and DO something here!” and I ignore it.

I could offer up tons of reasons:  We are moving back in to our up north home and there is so much to do;  we are also cleaning out in anticipation of selling our house this summer; I’ve been sick with an unexplained virus; I’m getting older and have less energy…….well, you can see there are an abundance of “excuses”.

But the real reason is, I am going through another one of those periods where I am clutter clearing my own soul.  I’m facing another layer of stuff and working through it.  Sometimes this happens when I move as going through things takes me back and into other situations that I haven’t finished clearing.

I am thankfully at that point in life where I know that “this too shall pass”.  That the darkness is there to help me work through the challenges I have chosen to clear myself for moving forward and mastering certain issues.  It’s so darn hard.  It’s exhausting. It can even be dismaying and defeating.  But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that once I work through this most recent spate of “stuff” that my energy will burst forward into the light once more and I will feel terrific!

Meanwhile, tell me what YOU do during these periods to get through them.  I know you have inner wisdom that will help me move through this with more grace and ease.  In advance, I thank you for sharing.  And if you don’t want to post publicly just send me an email at  Thanks everyone! xodark-night