Dear Ones,

We are responding to your question as our channel also questioned the words we used in our last transmission. She did not want to use them but in the end she decided to trust and use our words directly.

From our perspective the virus was used by the Dark Forces to try to shift world events. They nearly succeeded but there are some who stood in the way of this success. We ask you to Trust that the Truth will unfold in time, but the time is not yet. Events and people must be put into place before Truth can be told in full. It will take a while for the entire Truth to unfold for it is such that it will be hard to absorb, even for those who have begun to awaken.

We do not wish to say more than is allowed at this time. Know that all is well, that the Light of Truth will shine brighter and brighter. Meanwhile, while you wait, we encourage you to dig deep in what you on your planet are referring to as alternate news. Think of this as finding your way into a mine and looking for precious metals or gems. The metals, gems, and Truth are there, but you will have to dig for them. We have been trying to lead you to this, and to unveil things bit by bit so as not to overwhelm you.

What we refer to in this last transmission as “hoax” merely means that the virus was used to manipulate and control. News of it pushed many into a reaction of fear. When one is in a place of fear, many freedoms can be taken away without a protest. Many infringements on a person’s liberty can take place without being noticed. This is all we mean. The virus is real to a point, but its main purpose was to confuse, to scare, and to manipulate. Again, if you dig deep enough you will find the Truth buried but available.

We do not mean to suggest that you ignore the virus and its threat to humanity. We just want to say that given the proper precautions, it will not cause the devastation humanity is believing in at this moment. Precautions such as proper immunity boosting, proper diet and exercise, proper sanitary precautions, proper sleep and rest and so forth. You already know what to do. But be aware that numbers and information are skewed and manipulated, for the purpose of controlling you and keeping humanity locked in fear. Because when you are in fear, you put your other senses to the side and do anything to protect yourself from a perceived danger. This is natural. The solution is to stay out of fear. Fear imprisons you in more ways than one.

Beloveds, we assure you that you are being looked after in the most caring and compassionate way. Open yourselves to Truth and you will not live in fear any longer. This is the way you can determine your progress in the Awakening Process: how much fear you hold. Do not judge yourself if you are fearful. No. Just begin to take steps to awaken.

The first step is to take care of yourself physically. We have outlined some suggestions above.

The second step is to educate yourself: do you own investigating and do not believe what you are hearing from the media or biased sources. You have all had so much propaganda thrown at you it is difficult to ferret out Truth. For your benefit, begin to learn how to tell lies from Truth.

Third, connect throughout the day to your Divine Source for guidance and wisdom. This is necessary for your own sense of Grounding and Peace.

Fourth, work on expanding your mind to believe things that may seem out of mainstream thinking. Again, EXPAND YOUR MIND, EXPAND YOUR THINKING. You will otherwise have great difficulty in absorbing what is to come.

Fifth, remember this journey is all about the return to the Divine Feminine and to the Light. You are moving into a New World where the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are in Divine Relationship; where the Light and Truth govern the Planet; where the Dark Forces and Evil have been vanquished.

And YOU have chosen to be here at this time to contribute your beautiful energies and vibration to the process. We are grateful for those of you who are devoting your time and efforts towards the ascension of the Earth and all sentient beings upon it. Awaken and Remember what you have chosen this time in which to live. You are here to lift us all up. AWAKEN and REMEMBER!

God bless and bless and bless you.