Greetings and salutations to all. We know we are speaking to you at a time when your minds are reeling with changes and shattered with fear. We hope you will take 3 deep breaths before proceeding to read this and will open your minds and hearts to its contents. 

First, we ask you to Breathe. Deeply and slowly. It is important to do this throughout the day as you find yourself sliding into questions and fears and unknowns. Right now there are things going on that you need not know about. You will soon enough, but while things are unfolding for you, you are being asked to rest and reflect. We ask you to do so with a calm mind and relaxed body.

Second, we ask you to Trust. The Oneness of the Universe is in control. Don’t ever doubt it. There have been things put in place for decades for this moment to come forward as a way to propel the earth and its inhabitants into another dimensional level and another way of being. We ask you to trust that your highest good is being considered. 

Third, we ask you to Believe. To believe that good will dominate evil, that the light is returning to humanity and to the planet, that the “final battle” is being fought. The Oneness of the Universe, whom we will refer to as God in our messages, has chosen just the right people to lead you.

You have doubted them, made fun of them, degraded them, reviled them, but just like the Lord, Jesus, the ones chosen have been chosen not for their perfection but for their dedication to Truth. None are the Master that Jesus was, none are as perfect as He was, but all are dedicated to bringing Peace and Truth and Light back into your world.

In spite of this, many of you will still doubt, still deride, still complain, still revile. It is the way of duality. This world of duality is being replaced, though, by a New World, and if you choose to stay in duality, you will find yourself out of sync with the New. It is all according to free will ….

You may choose your own reality, stay in the old, or move into the new. It is all your choice. If you find yourself in your same reality a year from now, you will know you have been left behind. It is all okay. You must decide for your self which direction you will go and in which dimension you will live.

For now, while things are being quickly brought around to a new way of being, please allow yourself the peace of the moment. It is a great opportunity to reflect, to pray, to reexamine your own beliefs. Open your minds and hearts to new thoughts that might creep in. Open to Miracle. Open to Love. Open to Change. Open to something other than your concrete thoughts. Open. Open. Open. And Trust. And Love.

I will occasionally be sending out brief transmissions as they are given to me. This has been the first message.