Featured Articles and Celebrity Color Anlalysis ArticlesI have written many of these articles for the sheer joy of following my muse in the moment. The Featured Articles have been published in other jounals and newsletters, like Michigan’s Healing Garden Journal; Michigan’s Body, Mind, Spirit Guide; and the Feng Shui Institute International newsletter.

The Celebrity Color Analysis are articles I write for columnist Paige Wiser of the Chicago Sun-Times. They are quoted in her Sunday column in the Fluff section (entertainment) of the Sun-Times. The articles posted here are the full commentary.

Featured Articles

It is easy to be green!
“ … environmentally sound products are becoming easier and more affordable to obtain …”

“ … being truly grateful requires much more than just being polite. It requires humility, understanding, acceptance, receptivity, and surrender …”

What Feng Shui Is and Isn’t
“ … a powerful way to create the environment that will best support you …”

Stars and Backdrops
“ …without a backdrop, the rest get lost; they have nothing to tie them together …”

“ … raise our consciousness individually and in groups so that the consciousness can provide the tipping point of world consciousness …”

Celebrity Color Analysis

Rosario Dawson
“ … her vibrancy in silver that attracts us and the color, then, adds value to her image …”

Christina Aguilera
“ … any successful woman in show business must have a strong male side if she is going to survive …”

Kerry Washington
“… in nature when yellow and black are combined, it spells caution or danger …”

Minnie Driver
“… red is attention-getting, orange-red particularly so to men …”