Laughing Statues, Vancouver, BC

If there is one thing I love to do it is laugh.  In high school I was known as “The Sunshine Girl” and in my family and my husband’s family my sisters and I are known as “The Giggle Sisters”.  Sophisticated I am not, but I do have a wonderful time in life!  So it was with great glee that I found this series of statues in a park in Vancouver, BC en route home from Alaska.  I’m not sure what the significance is but they are just outside the borders of Stanley Park (of Stanley Cup fame for all you Hockey Fans!)

There is a delightful form of exercise I have heard of called Laughter Yoga.  I guess everyone just laughs and laughs which increases your heart rate and releases endorphins and I think they also incorporate some poses such as what you see in the photo.  Anyway, I found this collection of statues just completely delightful and thought they might make you smile as they did me.  Enjoy!  And keep the laughter coming!