Lake Superior

Welcome Back!

Here we are, solstice behind us already, heading towards the back half of 2018. Although it is trite to say this, I have to add my own voice to the question: Where does the time go?!!!!!

Personally, we have been traveling most of June to various family events and finally moving into our summer home way up north about ½ mile from Lake Superior. For those of you who have never seen the Great Lakes, it is well worth your while to do so. I recommend crossing the Mackinaw Bridge on a beautiful summer day. From there you will see Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and the Straits of Mackinaw. The Grand Hotel has a gorgeous view of this juncture of two Great Lakes from its perch on Mackinaw Island. There is also a wonderful museum on Whitefish Point on Lake Superior that we call the Shipwreck Museum and although it doesn’t sound particularly interesting, it really is and we spent hours there. In addition, the view of Lake Superior here is amazing. The beaches along Lake Superior near Paradise are nearly deserted and sugar sand. The drive from Munising to Marquette is one beautiful vista after another, and going to the tip of the Keewanau Peninsula will take you to the beginning (or end!) of Route 41 that slices clear through the country north to south. Copper Harbor at the end of Route 41 has an incredible view of Lake Superior and is a most charming town.

This did not start out to be a travelog, so let’s get to the nitty gritty. Summer is a time for relaxation, family gatherings, celebrating milestones such as weddings and graduations, and for some reason, in our family, a time of birthdays. It is a time when we can take in the sun and warmth that many yearn for during the winter months. (or the opposite if you live in the southern hemisphere!) Time for outdoor activities and BBQ’s, picnics and parades, reunions and renewal.

This year my focus is on self development including much needed renewal time. What will you be focusing on this summer? Whatever you choose, choose wisely, delve deeply, and enjoy your time “in the sun”.

I came across this catchy song  by Paolo Nutini recently via the Fashion Feng Shui newsletter and loved it immediately. It reminds us in a wonderful and entertaining way how to try a different approach if things aren’t working. In this charming song, he suggests putting on a new pair of shoes. I remember once someone said about a family member: “She is trying on her irresponsible shoes”, referring to a cousin who, after working very hard and getting nowhere, decided to lighten up and play more. And it worked for her. She tried on a “new pair of shoes” and her life changed dramatically. Turns out by lightening up from her very serious side, she found joy and laughter and eventually her life’s partner.

So I encourage us all to “try on a new pair of shoes” this summer and see what comes of it! If we do it in a responsible way, no telling what may come of it!

For meditation good colors to use are indigo and/or purple. And for transformation, purple is the one to use for support.

One wonderful practice I have incorporated into my daily habits is a transformational meditation I do each day with Global Joy Enterprises. I started in April, arising early enough to begin it at 5:30am. I am not a morning person so the fact that I stuck with this format for over 2 months attests to its transformative power. The format has shifted over time and we can now do it at any time of day that works for us. The format itself has shifted from having 4-5 sections into one amazing practice. If you would like to see if it is for you, please send an email to GlobalJoyEnterprises and write YES in the subject line. You can cancel at any time. There is no cost. I highly recommend you give this a try.

Visionary Art by Ellen Epstein of Global Joy Enterprises
This is the Table of Contents for Simply Color for Everyday Living, the latest book in the Simiply Color series. It was written by 25 professionals plus myself and covers all these ways to use color. Dr. Quaranto describes it as a “combination of self developement, feng shui,” and “tons of ideas.” The book is a great gift item, as well as a wonderful book for your own library and reference

Enjoy the summer! Happy Fourth!