It has happened as I age that I have begun a life review so to speak. Memories of people, places, occasions, events, keep appearing to me more and more as time goes on. Some are not very pleasant, others are a delight and I string those out as long as possible!

I have wondered why, as we get older, we as humans tend to do this. I have asked others my age and they are experiencing similar things. So I asked the Akashic Records* recently what these memories are for and it seems that they are indeed a type of life review. I get to revisit old friends and long gone family members in these memories. I get to do a “Mulligan in my mind” for old memories that are not so pleasant. I get to reframe those unpleasant experiences into something else entirely, taking with me the lesson that I learned from that experience.

That might sound weird to those of you who are younger, or even those who are of my generation but tend to push memories away. I have found, though, that when I have memories whether pleasant or unpleasant, they almost always coincide with a current challenge, or a current yearning for something.

Here is an example: I was recently thinking of our parents and how I wished I had been more present to them in my young adult years. Granted, we were swamped with just getting by financially, we had three little boys, my husband was gone on business at least half the time, we had one car which he had to use for work, and life was just hard. I didn’t even have time to think of my own life let alone what to do for our own parents much less the dear old Grandfather of my husband’s who lived nearby.

I was feeling pretty lousy about how I could have done more for all of our family elders, whom we both loved dearly, but who by necessity didn’t get a lot of our time. So in my Akashic meditation on this, I did a Mulligan, and gave them all the time and attention I wish I had done back in the day. In addition, I gave our children all the time in the world, and brought my traveling salesman husband into the picture of family unity. I wove a beautiful tapestry of love and kindness and thoughtfulness and joy with my mind. I asked God to bless this renewed memory and to send all that love to each member of our family. 

This is the power of our time in the Akashic Records: healing the past. We can’t go back and relive those experiences, but we can heal them through the Grace of God and the Light of the Records.

If you are yearning to heal something in your past, I can help you access your own Records and help create healing and peace for you. In honor of the Fourth of July which celebrates the Independence of our beloved country, I am offering a special on a new type of reading I am doing that will help bring you independence from something in your past you would like to understand and reframe.

Independence Readings will range from 45-60 minutes and require that you be in an open state of mind. Bring your questions and we will seek healing for your experience that you would like healed.

Regular investment for a reading is $125 for the hour, but in the month of July, Independence Readings will be $99 for 45 minutes and $108 for 60 minutes.

Appointments booked through email ( or phone 231-633-5433. Payment by check. If using a paypal account or credit card a $3.75 handling fee will be added.

* The Akashic Records are known in the Bible and other Sacred Texts as “The Book of Life” or the “Book of Knowledge”. They contain the story of our souls from their inception to the present moment and hold the frequencies of the possibilities of our futures. They are incredibly powerful and very gentle and loving. Each time you enter the Hall of Records your vibration is raised so healing happens in every reading.

“Independence is happiness.” – Susan B. Anthony 

The colors of Independence relate directly to your specific challenge. If you are interested in finding out what the color or colors are that will best support you in your current challenge, send me an email to inquire, or go to this link and read about each color and what it can do for you. 

The American Dream is Independence and being able to create that dream for yourself.” – Marsha Blackburn

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