“Inspiration is a critical part of life. Find what inspires you in life and run with it. Inspiration is always evolving and what inspires you today may be different from what tomorrow’s inspiration will bring. The important message is to stay inspired because that is what drives the passion of life.”   Darren Weismann

I saw this quote of Darren’s on Facebook today.  Darren is a wonderful healer and has touched many lives.  He has said this piece on inspiration with elegance, simplicity and grace.  The trick is taking action on what inspires you.

As most of you know, Color inspires me.  I am passionate about it and about teaching it and sharing its power and glory with others.  Most people relate to color and use it intuitively.  How much more powerful to really be able to harness its healing powers and support.  So I’ve devoted the second half of my life to teaching others how to use color with intention and yes, with inspiration!

I’m inviting those of you who care about color and who want to learn its secrets and its psychology to join me on my new online certification course for color therapy and color psychology.


And if you simply want to enjoy color I hope it inspires you in many ways through your lives.  It is so gentle and fun and soothing and effective.

How does color inspire you or help you?